Ice Age: Continental Drift proves to be a warm family film that will entertain audiences of all ages. Full of excitement and adventure, the movie deals with realistic familial relationships and features a number of positive elements, making it a good choice for family entertainment.

When fans of the Spiderman movie franchise learned that the film would retell Spiderman's story and recast it, as compared to the recent versions featuring Tobey Maguire as the web spinner, they had trepidations about the success of the newest installment, The Amazing Spiderman, but box office receipts tell that their worry was misplaced.

Disney's Brave is a wonderful family film with powerful themes, including love between mother and daughter, self-determination, and personal freedom.

The movie For Greater Glory depicts the story of Mexico's Cristero War in the 1920s, when a peasant army fought bravely for their religious freedom against a militantly secular, anti-Catholic regime. The film version, like the actual history, provides an inspiring example of what heroic virtue in action looks like.

The English language is insufficiently stocked with words to express adequately here the degree of evil involved in the fraud, deceit, and deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of people that the movie U.N. Me exposes. It’s almost like lifting a rug and finding whole colonies of cockroaches nesting there.

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