Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What Kind of Govt Are We Getting? Socialism, Communism, or Fascism?

Written by  Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Is the new Obama government in Washington giving us Socialism, Communism, or Fascism? Communist Russia called itself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, better known as the USSR. Communist East Germany called itself the German Democratic Republic. Hitler’s Germany was ruled by National Socialists, better known as Nazis. Dictator Mussolini’s Italy was ruled by Fascists. So obviously you cannot tell the nature of a government by the name it gives itself.

The United States was created as a Constitutional Republic, that is, a federal government limited in its powers by a Constitution. We are no longer that kind of a government. True, the 50 states still have some powers independent of the regime in Washington, but federal law has severely limited states' rights. And what the gang in Washington is trying to give us is plainly unconstitutional.

So what do we have? Obviously, we are in a state of transition to some sort of totalitarian government that will have the power to dictate how we live our private lives: through a national healthcare system, government schooling, regulations of industry, global warming dictates, the shape of cars we will be permitted to drive, and eventual censorship.

Back in 1938, in an attempt to describe the Nazi government in Germany, the popular columnist Dorothy Thompson wrote:

It will be a great mistake to regard what is happening in Germany as primarily a Jewish matter. A senseless gangster, Bolshevism, which for five years has been held somewhat in check by the more conservative elements, has broken out. The leading spirits in Germany today are Streicher, the madman of Nuremberg, and Goebbels, the “Minister of Enlightenment,” who is totally ruthless, totally cynical, a careerist revolutionary of the Marat type.

Germany, a great, industrious, civilized people, is in the hands of a gang, and the German Government is a super-racket.

She then goes on to quote Robert Dell who wrote in his 1934 book, Germany Unmasked:

The conditions here are not those of a normal civilized country, and the German Government is not a normal civilized Government and cannot be dealt with as such.

When millions of Americans rise up in protest of a government half-crazed with power, knowing full well what is about to be imposed on them by the gang in Washington, you can hardly claim that America is still a normal country. The man in the White House is a professional revolutionary having been educated in Chicago by the likes of Saul Alinsky, socialist agitator.

Obama’s first job as a community organizer is exactly what any budding revolutionary would want to do: organize the poor to support the raping of the rich and the affluent middle class in the name of “equality” and “justice.”

So it really doesn’t matter what we call the government our leaders are planning to give us. It is clearly going in the direction of totalitarianism, the total state. And this is just the beginning. Probably most Americans who voted for Obama assumed that he was a sort of left-of-center centrist. But in his haste to enact laws that would clearly change the fundamental character of this nation, he has aroused growing opposition. He is being seen for what he is: a potential dictator who does not like to be told “no.”

Back in the early days of the last century, John Dewey put forth a plan to socialize America by changing the way children were being taught in their schools. He advocated shifting the emphasis of the curriculum away from literacy to socialization. By dumbing down future generations, it would be much easier to wean them away from their constitutional liberties for the benefits of a collectivist society. But he knew that this could not be done overnight. That is why he wrote in 1898: “Change must come gradually. To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.”

But the Sixties Radicals who now control the government in Washington do not have Dewey’s patience. They have waited long enough to gain control of the mechanisms of power in our government, and they intend to get their brand of socialism, communism, fascism, or totalitarianism enacted into as many laws as needed as soon as possible.

And who will have the final word in all of this? Stay tuned.

Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld
is the author of nine books on education including NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, The Whole Language/OBE Fraud, and The Victims of Dick & Jane and Other Essays. Of NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, former U.S. Senator Steve Symms of Idaho said: “Every so often a book is written that can change the thinking of a nation. This book is one of them.” Mr. Blumenfeld’s columns have appeared in such diverse publications as Reason, The New American, The Chalcedon Report, Insight, Education Digest, Vital Speeches, WorldNetDaily, and others.

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