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Miracles Versus Evolution

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Many atheists will tell you that they would believe in the existence of God if only He would perform a miracle that they could see before their own eyes. Then, and only then, would they believe that God exists. But until then, they will believe in evolution as the way in which all of living matter came into being.

Evolutionists consider themselves to be scientifically oriented. They believe in only what can be duplicated in a laboratory or observed as natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon cannot be supernatural. It cannot violate the laws of physics. It must be explainable in rational language.

But what is a miracle? My dictionary defines miracle as “an act or happening in the physical world that departs from the laws of nature.” But who wrote the laws of nature? And is everything in nature explainable in terms of the “laws of nature”?

I contend that the growth of an embryo into a full-grown human being in nine months is a miracle even though no one would dispute that it follows the laws of nature. How is it possible that the tiny embryo would contain the blueprints of a physical structure as complex as the human body?

Take for example our bones. We have large bones in our arms and legs, small bones in our fingers and toes, and tiny bones in our ears. How does the embryo know how to produce all of these bones and put them in their proper places in the body? Evolutionary theory is based on the notion that all of life came about as the result of a series of accidents. Do accidents have blueprints? Accidents have causes but they are not the results of a blueprint.

The body manufactures all sorts of fluids: blood, tears, saliva, acids, sweat. How can a body accidentally manufacture all of these different fluids with their different functions? In other words, there is a blueprint behind all of the complexities of the human body. And who designed that blueprint? Did the blueprint design itself? Was it the result of accident? And how was it able to be placed in a tiny embryo invisible to the eye?

I call it miraculous, unexplainable according to the “laws of nature,” unless you understand who wrote the laws of nature. The Declaration of Independence speaks of Nature’s God. The inference is that God created the laws of nature so that the physical world would behave in a predictable manner. Thus, the miracle of birth is in accordance with the laws of nature and occurs by the million all over the planet every day.

If an atheist cannot recognize the entire phenomenon of birth — from embryo to full-grown human being — as an act of God, as a miracle, then he or she is willingly blind. Mental or spiritual blindness is no different from physical blindness. You do not see what you do not want to see. Thus, to an atheist, birth is simply a biological process explainable in terms of a simple course in Biology 101 at any high school or college in the nation.

I remember in high school we used to dissect frogs in the science lab. We examined the various organs and wrote them down in our notebooks. No one asked who made the frog, or how was it that a frog embryo becomes a full-grown frog and not a cat or a dog or an elephant. We were simply told or led to understand that frogs evolved from some lower form, just as we human beings evolved from some lower form.

If you believe that life is a miracle, then you must be some kind of religious fundamentalist, a fanatic believer in something which our Founding Fathers called Nature’s God. Our founders, believe it or not, were highly rational men who were quite scientifically oriented. They applied their scientific knowledge to agriculture. Franklin explored the phenomenon of electricity. Christians believed that God’s world could be explored and examined scientifically.

Indeed, according to Genesis in the Old Testament, it was God who instructed Adam to observe the natural world and name the animals. So Adam became a lexicographer and an observer of nature, a scientist.

Also, the phenomenon of language is a miracle, a gift, that God conferred only on human beings. No other species has a language faculty as fully developed as the human being‘s. Other species use their vocal chords to make noises. But we humans use language for four different reasons: to know and converse with God; to know and converse with other human beings; to know the world; and to know ourselves.

In other words, our world is full of miracles which only a great and good God could perform. That is why to a believer the natural world is so full of wonder and adventure, because we can see God’s hand at work.

It is profoundly sad that our public schools teach American children that they are animals, the products of mindless evolution, and that there are no miracles because there is no God. They are led to be blind to all of the miracles around them. But while God can be kept out of the schools, He cannot be kept out of the minds of the children who would not be blinded. America is still a nation of believers, which is why we haven’t completely dropped over the cliff of self-destruction. We may be at the edge of the cliff, but we haven’t yet decided that suicide is the answer to our problems.

The Tea Party movement is largely made up of people who believe in miracles. Otherwise, they would not have risen up against the radical unbelievers in Washington. That may be our political salvation as a nation.

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