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The Alinsky White House

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Saul Alinsky was a radical revolutionary who taught other radical revolutionaries that the only way to achieve power in the United States is by stealth and deception. He said that Americans would never tolerate a Russian or Cuban style violent revolution and that the only way to impose socialism on America would be by not calling it socialism.

They could call it progressivism or liberalism, but they must never call it socialism. And they must never call the advocates of socialist programs socialists.

Even Alinsky refused to call himself a socialist or communist. Indeed, when Hillary Rodham tried to pin him down when she was writing her Senior Honors thesis about him, he refused to label himself. Why? Because it would make it too easy for the enemies of socialism to label his disciples socialists, thus making them all ineligible for high positions in government, let alone the White House.

The method he used to lead non-socialists to advance socialism was the Community Organization led by a stealth socialist. Thus, unless you had read Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, and understood his strategy of stealth socialism, the fact that Obama was a community organizer would mean nothing to you — as it means nothing 99 percent of the American people. You would assume that a community organization was some kind of benign volunteer group like the PTA, fighting such things as pollution, dilapidated schools, bad garbage collecting, and corporate discrimination against blacks.

But its main function was to make it possible for community organizers to become political candidates and make their way into positions of power. Alinsky’s two most famous disciples were Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom ran for the White House in 2008. Obama won. The stealth strategy worked.

The story of how two of Alinsky’s radical revolutionaries were able to reach the highest positions in the American government ought to be studied in political science courses. It will reveal how deception has played such an important part in recent American politics, even though Americans are reluctant to believe that their President could be a professional liar. Indeed, Barack Obama has turned the White House into an Alinsky House of Lies.

An example of how stealth socialists work in Congress to carry out the Alinsky-Obama agenda was recently discovered by House Republicans in their efforts to defund ObamaCare. It turns out that the Democrats, anticipating what the Republicans would do after winning the elections of November 2010, stealthfully inserted in the ObamaCare bill an appropriation of $105 billion to fund it. That is why the Democrats refused to permit Republicans to read the bill before it was passed. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said, that the bill had to be passed before we could see what was in it.

Representative Michele Bachman called this deceptive maneuver, “One of the biggest lies we have ever seen.” Members of the House and Senate were not told this was in the bill.

“This is why they wouldn’t let us read the bill,” says Bachmann. Members were only given access to a copy of the 2,500 page bill just hours before the vote. No Republican voted for the bill, only Democrats.

The money was concealed in numerous places throughout the bill. Clearly, an intentional deception to hide the secret appropriation. Bachmann is demanding an apology from Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Obviously, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi knew that if the Republicans won a majority in even one House of Congress in the 2010 election that they could stop ObamaCare by refusing to appropriate money for implementation. That’s why they were so desperate to conceal the appropriation of $105 billion for implementation in the ObamaCare bill.

Since the monies have already been secretly appropriated, it will now require a full repeal by both houses of Congress — not just stopping new appropriations in the House as Republicans had been counting on. Through this deceptive maneuver, the Democrats tried to thwart the will of the American people who do not want socialized medicine. Indeed, the aim of the stealth socialists in the Democratic party is to shove ObamaCare down the throats of Americans whether they want it or not.

But what can Republicans do now to get rid of ObamaCare? On March 18, the government will have run out of money and the Republican controlled House must then demand a full repeal or refuse to appropriate one cent more to fund the government. Even then, it will run out again in a few more weeks and this process must be repeated.

Republicans have a number of chances to win if they can keep up the pressure, knowing full well that the liberal media will accuse the Republicans of deliberately shutting down the government.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is calling on Congress, “Not one red cent to fund this government until you give back the $105 billion that was deceitfully hidden in this bill.”

This is the only way to force Democrats to repeal this outrage. Will the Republicans be able to succeed? We shall soon find out.

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