Monday, 21 March 2011

Union Goons Mobilize to Keep Power

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In a very short time the people of Wisconsin will have to decide whether or not they want their state to be ruled by the goon squads of public employee unions or their elected representatives.

The public employee mobs are willing and determined, at this moment, to use every legal means at their disposal to recall all of the Republican Senators who voted to get rid of the union stranglehold over the state government. But if this fails, what then? Violent revolution?

The union strategists will simply not accept the will of the voters, and they are convinced that they can raise the financial resources to wage a recall effort to get rid of the Republican legislators who reduced union power by law. They can’t get rid of the Governor until January 2012, when the Governor will have been in office a full year. Considering the vilification and death threats being hurled at the Republicans, it is dangerous to be a Republican in Wisconsin, unless you’re a Rino turncoat.

That is what public employee unionization has done to America: bring us to brink of violent revolution, for judging from the vehemence and sheer hatred of the mobs, I believe they are quite capable of using force if they knew they could get away with it. With policemen being unionized, Republicans may not even have the protection of the police.

It’s apparent that, in Wisconsin, mob rule is the only alternative to civil government under law run by conservatives. If the people of Wisconsin reward the mobsters with a recall of the Republican legislators, then they will get what they deserve: a virtual dictatorship by the radical bosses of the public employee unions. They will be forced to support the public employees in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed: free healthcare, great pensions, higher salaries, vacations, and sick leave all paid for by the taxpayer. And if the voters of Wisconsin submit to union demands, who knows what other benefits the unionists will demand and get.

And should the unionists win, the Republican Party might as well go out of business in Wisconsin. The legislators who should be recalled are those Democrat Senators who went into hiding in Illinois to avoid doing their constitutional duty. In any case, the recall movement will determine whether or not the people of Wisconsin love union dictatorship over political freedom. The choice is very clear, and the voters of Wisconsin must be unequivocal in what they choose, for what they choose will resound throughout the United States.

Violent overthrow of the government has always been the aim of America’s radical revolutionary socialists. And it’s apparent that they have an ally in the White House, who is in the process of dismantling our constitutional Republic. But since virtually every state in the Union is grappling with huge budget deficits, it is interesting to note that in New York, Democrat Governor Cuomo is actually trying to gain concessions from the public employee unions. Cuomo’s budget calls for $450 million in salary, pension, and retirement concessions from union members. But he will not touch the issue of collective bargaining. He wants a one-year salary freeze. But will he get it? He has threatened to shut down state government if he doesn’t.

Indeed, the business-organized Committee to Save New York has launched a pro-Cuomo-agenda ad campaign to mobilize public support for the Governor. His new state budget cuts spending by $10 billion. But the Democrat-dominated legislature, many of whose members are beholden to the unions, may not give him what he wants. And before the union mobs show up in Albany, they want to see how their brothers in Wisconsin fare.

In any case, public employee unions are being pressured across the country to give back some of the power they’ve accumulated over the last decades. The revolutionary hotheads among them see this as their opportunity to assert mob power and threaten violent revolution. But it is unlikely that most union members will agree to go that far. At stake are their very comfortable jobs and standard of living. At stake are their patio terraces, swimming pools, plasma TVs, Jacuzzi baths, vacations to Disneyworld, late-model cars, and full carts at the supermarket. And so, what happens in Wisconsin will determine union strategy for the coming elections. The union leaders will weigh the pros and cons of mob intimidation. And if the Republican conservatives prevail in Wisconsin, the union goons will have found their match.

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