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Are Our Politicians Stupid or Evil?

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That man is a fallen creature has never been more clearly demonstrated than by the behavior of our elected politicians in Washington. Most of them are highly educated lawyers who have studied American history in their universities, and yet have acted so stupidly as to have brought this great nation to the brink of financial disaster.

We learn at an early age that you cannot spend more than you earn. We learn that it is not good to borrow money in order to buy things you really don’t need. And yet, these very smart politicians keep doing this in contradiction to all wise and intelligent understanding of basic economic principles.

Apparently, government service seems to attract intelligent men who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, or what is wise and what is stupid. To think that the greatest, richest, most inventive and productive nation in human history could be so suicidally mismanaged by its elected political leaders boggles the mind.

The other less fortunate nations of the world have looked to us as a source of sanity and wisdom. After all, without these qualities how could any nation become the leader of the free world in economics, military prowess, and education? We probably have more universities than the rest of the world combined. We have great libraries. We have the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that set this nation on its unique course to greatness. They created a government based on immutable Biblical principles. And yet, we have a political class in Washington that cannot obey the simplest rules of economics and continues to resist every attempt to right the wrongs of past political behavior.

All of this seems to confirm that many of those who are attracted to government service are motivated by a stronger bent for evil than ordinary Americans. After all, they are far better educated than the average American, yet they seem to defy and reject the common sense which guides normal behavior.

That the American people are basically good and generous is constantly being demonstrated by their behavior in times of great adversity. When a recent tornado virtually wiped out the city of Joplin, Missouri, Americans from all over the country decided on their own to go to Joplin to help the people there recover from their disaster. They didn’t need a government program to motivate them.

The average American does not wait for government to tell him what to do. He knows in his heart what has to be done. But he is also willing to do what the government wants him to do, since he assumes that all those university graduates in Washington must know what they are doing.

Most Americans find it difficult to accept the fact that their political leaders are either stupid or evil. They can’t believe that smart people can be that stupid. But they also find it difficult to believe that such intelligent people can be that evil. Yet they know that it is the politicians in Washington who have brought this great nation to the brink of economic catastrophe.

That is why this great chasm or gulf between ordinary Americans and their political leaders has grown increasingly large over the decades. Of course it is easy for the politicians to manipulate many ordinary Americans into believing that right is wrong and wrong is right. But there are always those equally intelligent Americans able to resist such manipulation.

They form groups like The John Birch Society, which has become a steadfast bulwark of sanity and reason and can critically see what is taking place in the powers of government. And there are like-minded groups of citizens all across America trying to do the same. The rise of the Tea Party Movement is the result of a free people’s realization that their country is being led to disaster by the political class in Washington.

When evil and intelligence combine, you get the makings of man-made catastrophe. What motivated 19 young Muslims to plan and carry out a mission to hijack airliners and crash them into the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington? It was clearly an evil, Satanic religious belief that calls for the destruction of human life. In other words, human beings can be manipulated by evil doctrine to carry out the most horrible and destructive acts imaginable.

In the twentieth century, such evil doctrines as socialism, communism, fascism, and Nazism have devastated nations and caused the agonizing deaths of millions of people. Yet, these same doctrines have infected many of our intelligent Washington politicians. Our very president is a socialist who knows full well that socialism leads to the total state that will impose its dictatorial rule over every citizen.

That such an evil system as socialism could thrive in the political heart of the greatest nation in human history, a nation that purports to love individual liberty, must forever remain an enigma. Yet, it simply confirms what the Bible tells us and warns us about: man’s fallen nature.

Thus, this nation is now engaged in a full-fledged war between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Have the American people been so psychologically brainwashed that they can no longer tell good from evil? Have our public schools become such purveyors of evil that they routinely turn millions of young Americans into functional illiterates? The answer, unfortunately is yes.

Socialists have taken control of the nation’s greatest universities. They control large portions of the mass media. They spread their evil doctrine in our schools. They are a formidable enemy out to destroy everything that has made America the greatest, freest, most productive nation on earth. Those of us who have been battling this scourge for decades cannot understand how the freest people on earth could have elected a socialist to lead them. Yet, here we are, struggling to preserve the very foundations of the government our Founding Fathers gave us.

Much of the problem has to do with the rejection of the God of the Bible. What we have failed to understand is that belief in God is what has protected us from evil, and that by rejecting the benevolent God who created us, we are now defenseless against evil. Our secular intellectuals no longer believe in God and are therefore open to any evil doctrine that titillates their ears. Thus they are easily infected by the evil doctrines of Karl Marx, John Dewey, Fidel Castro, and other utopians.

Utopians like to give the impression that they are lovers of mankind, when in fact they are humanity’s greatest haters. Small utopian colonies based on communism usually don’t last very long because their doctrines are so contrary to human nature. But the utopians who want to “liberate” an entire nation by enslaving it, are the true believers in genocide. They think nothing of killing millions of innocent people just because they don’t fit in.

The evil in Washington is ominous enough so that we must do all in our power to defeat it. Who among us with any sense of history or honor want to see this great nation reduced to an aimless dumbed-down population beholden to a socialist government for its very sustenance? Who among us wants to see the end of the greatest experiment in human freedom created by the most intelligent, God-fearing statesmen who ever existed? Shall we not pass this great, God-inspired heritage on to our children and our grandchildren? What else is the purpose of our living in these decisive times?

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