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ObamaCare Dooms the Elderly

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Barack Obama is a socialist, and since socialists consolidate power in government and unrestrained government kills, socialists end up being accomplices to mass murder if not mass murderers themselves. Witness the mass killings committed by the totalitarian "isms" during the 20th Century. It is quite conceivable that Obama could end up taking America down the same totalitarian path. But who will be the victims of the total state this time? At present, the only vulnerable group ready for mass slaughter in Obama’s America is the elderly.

When Hitler took power in Germany in 1933, one of the first things his government did was give doctors the power to round up “useless” feeble-minded citizens and kill them off. The socialist state had decided that there was no point in keeping these retards alive if they could not contribute anything to society. And Nazi members of the medical profession agreed with the dictator who gave them this power of life and death over these hapless individuals who were considered a burden on society.

Later on, Hitler and his socialist cronies decided to kill off the most productive, intelligent, loyal taxpayers in Germany: the German Jews. Their property was stolen, and their lives destroyed.

In America, our national healthcare administrators will point out that the elderly require the most expensive medical care to prolong their lives, and that our younger taxpayers cannot afford the burden of keeping these people alive. So various means will be employed to do away with this very large class of citizens: in order to save money!

Treatment will be delayed so that the elderly can die before they can get the treatment they need. Drugs will be developed to permit the elderly to end their lives gracefully. Suicide by the elderly will be considered a patriotic act, and medals will be given to suicide assisters.

But, you might say: “It can’t happen here.” You wanna bet? Socialists and utopians are masters at bringing about totalitarian conditions that lead to mass murder. Just look at the history of the 20th century. German National Socialists killed millions of people. Lenin and Stalin in Communist Russia killed millions. Marxist-Leninist Mao Tse Tung killed millions in Communist China. Pol-Pot, who acquired his Marxist socialism in Paris, killed a million Cambodians.

What makes anyone think that American socialists will produce a form of government that is any different? That is why Americans who want to preserve our Constitutional Republic have to fight tooth and nail against these potential American mass murderers.

Are there any good socialists? I suppose you can say that England’s Fabian Socialists are not as blood-thirsty as the Nazis or Russian communists. But who is to say what they would do if they had the kind of total dictatorial power the Nazis had in Germany or the Communists had in Russia? What about Swedish socialism? The Swedes have retained enough capitalism to prevent them from going all the way to socialism. But the socialist Norwegians have become the most anti-Semitic nation in Europe.

And now that many socialists have joined with the Islamic radicals, who make no bones about their aim to destroy Israel and kill as many Jews as they can lay their hands on, we can now see the future in terms of rivers of blood. Unlike some American leaders of the past who could tell the difference between good and evil, Obama seems to have no true moral compass as he wades pragmatically through a moral maze of his own making.

Because he is a socialist, and about 45 percent of Americans have become socialist in their thinking, mass killing will be accepted as means of solving our financial problems. Rationed healthcare is part and parcel of any government healthcare system. That’s the opening door to the humane disposal of the useless elderly. You can see these doddering vegetables in any American nursing home slumped over in their wheelchairs. That they may be the loving parents or grandparents of living Americans doesn’t seem to matter now that the government will be in charge of their care, and too many Americans will go along with what the authorities will tell them.

And the reason why the socialists have set up this inhumane system is because, whether they will admit it or not, they love total government and total government leads to mass murder. And they are itching to have a way of carrying it out here in once freedom-loving America.

Single-payer government healthcare will drive the private insurance companies out of business, since socialists also hate free enterprise Also, our children in their public schools have for years been trained to think of useless human beings as disposal garbage. That’s what the Lifeboat Survival or the Nuclear Shelter Survival Games are all about. They require children to decide who is worthy of surviving and who is not. They are preparing young Americans to accept mass murder as an acceptable solution to our financial and population problems.

The Population Nuts are also in favor of mass murder. They think there are too many people on earth, and especially in the United States. They will favor any government measures that encourage the death of millions.

Even in Israel, threatened by genocide, left-wing Jewish radicals favor the Palestinians over Jewish Zionists creating communities in the ancient land of Judea and Samaria. Socialism is clearly a form of moral suicide..

Until the vast majority of Americans learn that socialists are in love with mass murder, they will go on being deluded by those so-called egalitarians who say they really care for the betterment of mankind. But if they truly cared for the betterment of mankind, they would strongly support capitalism over socialism, for it is capitalism that has given the human race the greatest material comforts and technological advances in history.

That Americans should be on the brink of losing their Constitutional Republic in favor of Obama’s National Socialism is almost unthinkable. But little did the Germans know what was really in store for them when they voted for Adolf Hitler in 1933.

We are now at that crucial crossroads in American history. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness among many Americans that we are facing a life-and-death struggle, and that if we permit the socialists to take America over the cliff, our children and our children’s children will never know what it was like to live as free human beings.

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