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Sarah Palin's Emails

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In the annals of American politics, I don’t believe that any congressman, governor, or president has been the subject of such relentless liberal or media hatred or criticism as Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska. It is a phenomenon that defies simple understanding or explanation. It can only mean that the left is so frightened of a Palin candidacy for president, that they will do and say anything that will turn the American people against her.

And now, with the release of 24,000 pages of her emails, written and sent during her tenure as governor, we have another mind-boggling attempt on the part of the media to find something that would embarrass the ex-governor. And I’m sure they’ll find some trivial gaffe or mistake Palin made in those 24,000 pages. But it is hardly likely that whatever they find will turn her fans away from her, or that the hatred the left already has for her will get any hotter. Indeed, how much more can they hate her?

I love Sarah Palin. To me she personifies the American spirit at its best. She is patriotic, proud of America and its accomplishments, independent minded, not afraid of her enemies, an admirer of capitalism, an individualist, a lover of the American heritage, and a strong desire to prevent America from going down the ruinous path to socialism. She is also a devoted mother and wife who believes in the centrality of the family in our social fabric. She stands for everything that is good and wholesome about America, and projects a strong, benevolent attitude toward her fellow citizens.

If you’re a conservative, what’s there not to like about Sarah Palin? One thing the left has done for Palin is made her a household name. She is recognized by every man, woman, and child in America as a controversial political figure. She is the best known Republican in America, and even the morons that Jay Leno interviews on the streets of Los Angeles know who she is.

Establishment Republicans are not too happy with Sarah. These are the same Republicans who, when in power, never repealed a liberal Democrat program and usually made them more efficient. Remember in one of his first acts as President, George W. Bush joined with Ted Kennedy to enact “No Child Left Behind,” giving Lyndon Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act a new lease on life? Instead of trying to repeal that useless act, he simply pumped more blood into it.

And what was one of Bush’s last acts as President? He named the Education Department building after Lyndon Baines Johnson. So when Karl Rove acts a little cool toward Sarah, he ought to be asked, “Why didn’t you stop Bush from spending a trillion dollars more than was wise? Why did you give the Democrats the best chance for defeating Republicans in 2008?”

The left’s efforts to demonize Palin are more aimed at getting Republicans to reject her than at getting liberals to hate her more than they already do. That is why they will keep up their feverish, over-the-top criticism of Palin, so that Republicans will believe that she is unelectable.

Yes, 45 percent of the electorate will not vote for her. And 45 percent will vote for her. It is that ten percent of independent voters that the left is trying to persuade that Palin is a right-wing extremist who will destroy all of those great entitlement programs created by the left.

But because Palin has access to the media like no other candidate in history, she is quite capable of appealing to that ten percent that can put her over the top. And I would bet that she can do it. That ten percent that voted for Obama are now so thoroughly disillusioned by that crafty charismatic socialist, that they will not vote for him again, under any circumstances. They know he is ruining America.

So the battle is joined. Sarah’s bus tour has given her an opportunity to meet the local people and spread the message of Americanism. Yes, the media made a big deal over what she said about Paul Revere. But since most Americans don’t know who he is, it is unlikely that it will affect whether or not they will vote for her.

It will be interesting to see what they can find in the 24,000 pages of emails to smear her. And they would not be going to all that trouble of finding a needle in a haystack if they did not believe that Palin has a great chance of being nominated for President at the Republican National Convention.

If anything, the release of these 24,000 pages has simply made many Americans aware of how worried the Democrats are over the possibility of a Palin candidacy. That can only make conservatives sense that Palin is indeed the one who should be nominated. If she is, she will win.

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