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What America Still Can Be

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By all accounts, America at this time should be enjoying its greatest economic expansion and its greatest creation of wealth in its history. The spectacular advances in computer technology and invention and the discovery of enormous reserves of natural gas and shale oil should have led us by now into an unprecedented era of prosperity — with jobs begging to be filled. But we have in Washington a cabal of politicians, living in a 19th century socialist cocoon, determined to cripple this great nation and turn our potential happiness into a nightmare.

It is still a mystery to me that after the horrible, murderous communist experiments in Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, there are still perfectly intelligent individuals in America with all sorts of high academic degrees who truly believe that socialism is superior to capitalism, superior to the free-enterprise, free-market system. Just one look at the motley crews that populate the Occupy Wall Street crowd is enough to condemn our government education system that has lobotomized these idiots so that they can’t even see the difference between North and South Korea. Their ignorance is shared by the general population who were easily persuaded to vote for a socialist president. Too few Americans can think for themselves, thanks to their K-12 brainwashing.

It is hoped that enough people have watched the Republican debates on television so that concepts of freedom and free-market economics somehow have resonated in their skulls. These primary debates gave Republicans a great opportunity to educate Americans in the basic doctrines of Americanism, which they were never taught in their classrooms.

The left is not only determined to cripple our economy but also our military force that is making spectacular use of ingenious technological inventions. And even our private lives have been greatly enhanced by such inventions as the cell phone, now in use all over the world. The Internet’s social media are shaking up the globe. The computerized automobile is a marvel of comfort and refinement. But the cost of fuel is now so high, that most Americans are now driving less just to save money. Meanwhile, our socialist president tells us that expanding our supply of oil won’t reduce the price of gas. He doesn’t even understand the concept of supply and demand, the cornerstone of Economics 101.

He wants Americans to be miserable: overtaxed, over-regulated, controlled by government mandates and laws, so that the pursuit of happiness becomes the pursuit of survival. He has concocted a national health insurance plan with death panels that will discourage age longevity instead of celebrating it. There just won’t be enough money to keep the elderly alive with the medical care they will need. And as long as the socialists will be preventing the creation of new wealth, that may indeed become the reality we face.

One of the great benefits of our free-enterprise system is that it has created such advances in hygiene, medicines, and cures for diseases, that Americans are now living longer than ever. We should be celebrating this expansion of life beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. More people are becoming octogenarians and even centenarians than ever, thanks to the advances of medical science. But Obamacare will turn the blessing of longevity into a curse.

Life expectancy is now 78.24 years in the United States. It is highest in Australia, with a life expectancy of 81.72 years. In other words, many individuals are now living ten, 20, and even 30 years beyond their retirement. How are they making use of that added time to their lives? Many actually start new businesses. Writers who live longer write more books. Many of the elderly become volunteers and work in a variety of socially and culturally useful and enriching activities. All of this is to the good. But to the control freaks in Washington, longevity is a problem for a socialist economy which doesn’t create wealth.

Perhaps the most blameworthy institution behind this American decline is our government education system that has literally crippled the brains of millions of Americans who can no longer think analytically. They have become more and more dependent on government for their survival in an over-regulated economy that discourages growth and innovation. Creating dependency on government entitlements has been the policy of our liberal-socialist politicians since the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, and as long as the government could continue borrowing the money to keep the dependency machine operating, the American people went along with the policy.

But all such socialist schemes eventually reach their dead end as the goose that lays the golden egg is crippled and barely sustained by massive government bailouts. Capitalism is the goose. So the socialists have a dilemma. How can they destroy capitalism without destroying the only economic instrument that creates wealth? By borrowing wealth from others. Which is why the United States has a debt of almost $16-trillion—the totality of almost all we are worth.

So Americans must now face the music. The promise of a great and enhanced America through a restoration of economic freedom and the creation of untold quantities of new wealth is, of now, just a dream. But to get there, much uncertainty, disillusionment, and despair will have to be borne by the American people, miseducated by their teachers, deceived by their politicians, and afraid to face a reality that offers no immediate solace for the average citizen.

Should the Republicans gain the presidency next November, as well as control of both houses of Congress, they will have to make changes that will immediately stimulate the economy: reduce taxes, deregulate small business, permit and encourage energy exploration and production, and get the federal government out of the education business and stop funding the dumbing down of our people. By permitting Americans to use their brains as God intended them to be used, we shall see a tremendous growth of individual initiative and happiness. Of course, we can expect the left to continue doing what they do best: deceive the people and promote class warfare. The socialists, in their hearts, hate human happiness. That is why they create misery wherever they rule.

Our socialist educators have woven such a dense and intricate web of fraud and deception that the average American cannot make heads or tails of it. Meanwhile, most American children are trapped in this web of progressive spiders sucking out their brains.

Andrew Breitbart called these Washington leftists “totalitarian freaks” when he spoke at CPAC. He was right. They are psychologically deranged, with twisted spirits that hate the God of the Bible. Millions of human beings were murdered by socialists and communists in the 20th century — by National Socialists in Germany, by International Socialists in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Cuba, China, and North Korea.

The Chinese Communists, however, realized that killing the goose that lays the golden egg would get them nowhere. So they adopted a form of capitalism that has transformed China into an economic powerhouse. But the lack of political freedom will create future stress that is bound to erupt into a violent reaction against dictatorship. The underground growth of Christianity among the Chinese is certainly undermining whatever communist philosophy or ideology still governs that ancient country.

But now that Americans are clearly able to see exactly where the socialists in Washington want to take us, there is bound to be quite a reaction in November. Americans know that we’ve reached a crucial crossroads in our history where once and for all we must decide whether we are to remain the America given us by the Founding Fathers or develop into the hell the socialists are preparing us for.

I don’t doubt the outcome. Never have conservatives been more energized, united, and understanding of what’s at stake. Freedom is at stake. It’s as simple as that. Never have we heard the Declaration of Independence quoted by Republican candidates at so many occasions as we do now. The idea that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, “that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” has by now been drummed into the heads of many Americans who never read the Declaration in their schools. The Declaration further states that the sole and legitimate purpose of government is to “secure these rights” for its citizens.

It says quite plainly that our rights come from God, not the government. That’s the idea that is at the core of the American belief and the American experience. But now that God has been evicted from the public schools, how can they teach the Declaration of Independence? That we’ve allowed the educators to get away with this perversion of historical truth is why we are now in the mess we are. We permitted liberal judges to declare God an outlaw, an illegal entity that must be kept out of the schools, all in the name of the separation of church and state. But God is not a church. God is our Creator. To keep God out of the schools is to deprive children of the knowledge of their loving Father who gave us life and endowed us with unalienable rights.

We must impress upon the Republican candidates the absolute and urgent necessity of dealing with this problem of public education by getting rid of the U.S. Department of Education, ending all federal funding of the public schools, and returning to the states and local governments control over their tax-supported schools. We need a true revolution away from the socialist nanny state and all its trappings. We need to stop being deceived by the educators who have milked the federal cow of all they could get while delivering damaged brains in return. And November will be the time to start doing it. If not then, when?

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