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Secular Humanism: America's Establishment of Religion Part 2

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The Secular Humanists are committed to World Government, which means ending the United States as a free and sovereign nation. To my mind that is an act of treason. There is no other word for it. In President Andrew Jackson’s famous proclamation against the threatened secession of South Carolina, written in 1828, he said: “Treason is an offense against sovereignty, and sovereignty must reside with the power to punish it.” In other words, for a group of Americans to plot the end of American independence, which our forefathers fought and died to achieve, must be considered an act of treason. And the capture of America's public schools by the secular humanists escalates that act of treason into an act of subversion. Yet that is exactly the stated goal of the Secular Humanists in Humanist Manifesto 2000. It states:

The overriding need of the world community today is to develop a new Planetary Humanism — one that seeks to preserve human rights and enhance human freedom and dignity, but also emphasizes our commitment to humanity as a whole.

In other words, the concern of the U.S. government must now be with humanity as a whole. Although our Constitution was fashioned for Americans, we must now give it up because it is unsuitable for the new world order. The Manifesto continues:

To fulfill our commitment to Planetary Humanism, we propose A Planetary Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, the embodiment of our planetary commitment to the well-being of humanity as a whole.

Forget about nations with their own cultures and destinies. Forget about thousands of years of nationhood. Forget about the exceptional American experience. We must now pledge allegiance to “humanity.”

[W]e should strive to end poverty and malnutrition and to provide adequate health care and shelter for people everywhere on the planet.

The new world order will have to be run by liberal democrats who believe in a planetary welfare state with its myriad of bureaucracies and regulations. In South Africa, the new government under Mandela tried to create modern homes for all of its black citizens, but they soon ran out of money. So Americans are expected to pay for the adequate housing of millions in the third world. But housing is not enough.

We need to develop a new human identity—membership in the planetary community.

We must no longer call ourselves Americans but Planetarians. As Planetarians we shall continue to have everything that Americans have, but no longer attribute it to being Americans. And how will this Planetary Welfare State pay for all of its programs? The Manifesto states:

We urge all industrialized nations to accept as a first step the guidelines set out by the United Nations for overseas development assistance, namely to contribute (or be taxed) 0.7% of their GDP each year to development assistance, of which 20% should be for social development, and with 20% of the social development budget being allocated to population assistance.  This assistance should be increased in future years. . . .

Imaginative reforms are therefore needed to ensure that the international wealthy, both corporations and individuals, pay their fair share without damaging the engine of the world economy

Where have you heard about the rich needing to pay their “fair share” before?  Of course, the “engine of the world economy” is capitalism, which has been paying for the socialist welfare states for decades. But since Western governments have had to borrow trillions of dollars to meet the increasing costs of welfarism, the goose that lays the golden egg may not be able to finance the expansion of welfarism on a planetary scale.  Obviously, humanists believe that this problem can only be solved by a world government. The Manifesto states:

The global community needs to develop a system of international law that transcends the laws of the separate nations.... We need to recognize that current lifestyles in the industrialized North are unsustainable and will become increasingly so as economic development and increasing consumption in the poorer nations of the South increase pressure on the global environment.

In other words, poor nations can only advance at the expense of the developed nations. We must forego any further advance in our standard of living so that the poor nations can catch up to our standard. Of course, this is nonsense. Our standard of living will continue to improve if the U.S. government in Washington stops trying to transform America into a socialist democracy. 

American prosperity is due to the American entrepreneurial spirit that uses science, investment, and freedom to make things better. When we make things better for ourselves we also make things better for everyone else in the world. Edison’s light bulb lit up the world. Henry Ford’s assembly line made cars cheap enough to be affordable for everyone. Steve Jobs created hand-held access to the Internet that is now used worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, an Internet meeting place for everyone in the world. In the process he and his colleagues have become billionaires.

All of this is due to the creativity of the American economy and its unlimited freedom to invent, explore, and develop new instruments based on the advances of science and the human quest for making things better. That it also creates untold wealth is why even the socialists don’t want to destroy capitalism.  But the socialists still want to run the world, because they have the bureaucratic mindset, the itch to control other human beings. Indeed, that mindset is spelled out in the Manifesto’s litany of politically correct concerns.  It states:

Global  environmental problems must be dealt with at the planetary level: reducing environmental pollution, including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; developing alternative fuels; reforesting denuded lands; counteracting the erosion of topsoil in cultivable areas; facilitating environmentally friendly businesses; limiting fishing on the high seas that threaten the extinction of entire fish populations; protecting endangered species; reducing the addictive lifestyle of conspicuous wasteful consumption; and banning all weapons of mass destruction.

Sounds like a broken record of political correctness. And, of course, we need a world government with thousands of new regulations run by planetary bureaucrats to accomplish all of this. The Manifesto states:

We need now more than ever a world body that represents the people of the world rather than nation-states.... [T]he world needs at some point in the future to establish an effective World Parliament—and elections to be based on population—which will represent the people, not their governments.... [W]e must develop an effective World Court and an International Judiciary with sufficient power to enforce its rulings....[W]e recommend an international system of taxation in order to assist the undeveloped sectors of the human family and to fulfill social needs not fulfilled by market forces.

All of this will spur the growth of hundreds of new global institutions to regulate everything humans do. Although the humanists favor free-market economies—because only they produce wealth—their itch for control is insatiable. The Manifesto states:

If left unchecked, mega-corporations and monopolies are likely to impair human rights, the environment and the prosperity of certain regions of the world. Extreme disparities between the affluent and the underdeveloped sectors of the planet can be overcome by encouraging self-help, but also by harnessing the wealth of the world to provide capital, technical aid and educational assistance for economic and social development.

But what makes all of this so irrelevant to the needs of the human race is the humanist rejection of God whose Holy Spirit moves humanity more than any other force. Governments come and go. Political leaders come and go. Economic crises come and go. Only God remains the immoveable center in most people’s lives. But this is beyond the understanding of the humanists who write:

As humanists we urge today, as in the past, that humans not look beyond themselves for salvation.  We alone are responsible for our own destiny, and the best we can do is muster our intelligence, courage, and compassion to realize our highest aspirations.  We believe that a good life is possible for each and every person of the planetary society of the future.

And that is why this atheistic utopian plan will never be accepted by most of the world’s people. It will not be accepted by the Christians in the Western world. It will not be accepted by the Muslims of the Islamic world who have their own plan for world conquest. It will not be accepted by the Israelis who celebrate their independent sovereign state as a gift from God. It will not be accepted by Americans who venerate their Declaration of Independence and their Constitution.

The humanists are dreamers whose rejection of God makes their dreams impossible. The Manifesto 2000 was signed by an atheist elite who seem to think that they have more power and influence than they really have.  Their only power is in the government schools where they can preach their utopian nonsense to a captive audience.  Their moral relativism and rejection of national sovereignty only create moral and political confusion in thousands of young minds.

But the rise of the Tea Party movement is an indication that Americans are tired of being led by liberal utopians who don’t know how to count and have led our nation to the brink of bankruptcy. We may be at the threshold of a second American revolution aimed at restoring the basic governing principles of the Founding Fathers. The greatness of America was built on those principles, and only their restoration will restore our nation’s exceptional greatness.

An excellent way to implement the restoration of the principles of our Founders is to free American education from the grasp of the secular humanists who use taxpayer-financed public education to brainwash our youth, and to replace that abomination with Judeo-Christian-oriented private and home schooling.

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