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How American Public Education Has Become a Criminal Enterprise

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American public schools are daily guilty of deliberately committing the following crimes: child abuse by deliberately impairing a child’s brain through the use of teaching methods designed to produce functional illiteracy; contributing to the delinquency of a minor by teaching pornographic sex education and “alternative” lifestyles; destroying a child’s belief in biblical religion, a moral crime that leads children into atheism, nihilism, and Satanism which can result in self-destructive, murderous behavior; pushing drugs by promoting the use of Ritalin, Adderall, and other mind altering drugs as potent as cocaine; extorting billions of dollars from the taxpayer on the phony pretext that they are actually educating the children.

What is so appalling is that the “progressive” educators can get away with all of this criminal behavior because it has the approval of the federal government and state legislators. The American people, of course, are beginning to understand how they are being betrayed by their educators, and that is why we’ve seen the tremendous growth of the homeschool movement in the last 30 years, indicating a new birth of educational freedom.

But the majority of American parents, even those who believe in biblical religion, still put their children in these atheist schools because they are free.  But they are not free, since homeowners are forced to pay for these criminal institutions through their real estate taxes.  Indeed, they can lose their homes if they do not support this perverse form of education.

Virtually everyone acknowledges that the American public school system is dumbing down our population. We read about it in all the major media. But what is sickening is that the liberal press usually offer solutions to the problem that require billions of additional dollars for these schools while pretending to make needed changes. The changes usually make things worse, which then produces more outcries for phony reform.

The progressives have mastered the art of deceiving the public. That’s because they control the entire system, from the colleges of education in our great universities, to the lowest kindergarten class in your local public school. They control the school superintendents, administrators, and principals through a mafia-like employment network. They control the teachers through their training courses and unions. They control the writing, publishing and acceptance of textbooks, despite attempts by parents to monitor these books. They control the professional organizations that teachers and professors belong to. Their brainwashing of the teachers is an ongoing process through countless conferences, conventions, and seminars that teachers attend at the expense of the public. They also control the largest private foundations in America that are constantly providing private funds to promote a pro-socialist educational agenda.

And because the system is the recipient of the largest river of tax-derived cash flow in the nation, only second to national defense, it is a fortress capable of defending itself against the strongest conservative critics. Even though dozens of books have been written exposing the venality of the system, they have had no real effect on the system. The progressives have a very clever way of parrying these calls for education reform. They propose their own reforms, which don’t make a dent in their power or agenda. Their continued support of politicians ensures their continued power.

But the children suffer. Their brains are impaired. Their futures compromised by appalling ignorance and incompetence. Their spiritual life turned into shambles. And the system shoves them into the adult world without a care. For them, it’s good riddance, with or without a diploma.

Let’s now examine each one of these crimes in greater detail. Probably the most despicable crime committed by the educators is the deliberate crippling of children’s brains. It is easily the educational crime of the century. Deliberately injuring or damaging a child’s brain is child abuse practiced in virtually every public primary school in America. And it has been going on with impunity since 1929. 

It was in that same year that neuropathologist Samuel T. Orton informed the educators that the new teaching method they were planning to put in all the primary schools of America would cause reading disability. Orton’s article, “The ‘Sight Reading’ Method of Teaching Reading as a Source of Reading Disability,” was published in the February 1929 issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology, edited by the very men planning to inflict untold damage on the brains of American children. Orton wrote very apologetically:

I wish to emphasize at the beginning that the strictures which I have to offer here do not apply to the use of the sight method of teaching reading as a whole but only to its effects on a restricted group of children for whom, as I think we can show, this technique is not only not adapted but often proves an actual obstacle to reading progress, and moreover I believe that this group is one of considerable educational importance both because of its size and because here faulty teaching methods may not only prevent the acquisition of academic education by children of average capacity but may also give rise to far reaching damage to their emotional life.

We now know that between 30 and 50 percent of all children taught to read by the sight method become reading disabled or dyslexic. The damage done to their lives is beyond calculation. And although the educators were warned as early as 1929 that their new method of teaching reading would harm millions of future students in American schools, they had no hesitation in implementing these “faulty teaching methods,” as Orton called them, in the schools.

By 1955, the damage caused by these methods was now so apparent, that Dr. Rudolf Flesch felt compelled to write his now-famous book, Why Johnny Can’t Read. He said:

The teaching of reading — all over the United States, in all the schools, and in all the textbooks — is totally wrong and flies in the face of all logic and common sense.

This was the first inkling many parents had that the reason why their Johnny couldn’t read was because of the method being used to teach him to read.  That created quite an outcry among parents, many of whom then began to teach their children to read at home.

As for the educational criminals, they declared war against Flesch and by use of defamation and deception were able to keep doing what they had been doing since 1929.  And to this day, that criminal abuse of children still goes on. And the reason why the educators can continue to get away with this crime is because it is so easy to perform. All you have to do is give the child a “sight vocabulary” to memorize, and the child is set on the road to dyslexia.  To understand how this happens, you have to know something about the brain.

All human beings, with very few exceptions, are born with perfectly normal brains. We know that by the fact that virtually every child learns to speak his own language all by himself without the help of a certified teacher. In fact, every normal child comes to school with a speaking vocabulary of thousands of words. Indeed, the child is a dynamo of language learning, because the human brain has what no other species has: a language faculty. The power of language is what sets us aside from the rest of the animal kingdom.

That language faculty is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. It gives the individual the power to deal with symbols: the sound symbols of language, the written symbols of written language, and the symbols of arithmetic and mathematics. That is why the human brain is the most powerful organ in the universe. It has permitted us to know the world and to know our Creator.  Therefore, it is also the seat of our spiritual life.

The right hemisphere of the brain deals with space, perspective, the visual arts, facial recognition, scenic beauty, etc. The left brain puts it all into words. But when you teach a child to read our phonetically written language by the sight method, you force the child to use his right brain to perform the functions of the left brain. This is what causes brain impairment. Brain scans have revealed the actual deformations of the brain caused by these teaching methods.

But you don’t need a brain scan to prove this. It can now be proven by a simple test developed by the late Edward Miller, a former school administrator, who found an easy way to prove that the sight method causes dyslexia.

There are two ways of looking at our printed or written words: holistically by the sight method or phonetically by the phonics method. If you are taught to read phonetically from the start, you will never become dyslexic, for dyslexia by definition is a block against seeing the phonetic structure of our words. Phonetic readers become good, independent readers because they have developed a phonetic reflex. To them literacy is as natural and effortless as breathing. A holistic, sight reader, on the other hand, must rely on memorization of individual word forms and use all sorts of contextual strategies to get the word right.

Edward Miller’s test dramatically illustrates the difference between a holistic and a phonetic reader. The test consists of two sets of words: the first set consists of 260 sight words drawn from Dr. Seuss's two books, The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, and the second set consists of 260 equally simple words taken from Rudolf Flesch's phonetically regular word lists in Why Johnny Can't Read. Both sets of words are at a first-grade level.

A child who is already a phonetic reader will sail through both sets of words without any problem. But a holistic reader might sail through the sight words at high speed with almost no errors, but then slows down considerably and makes many errors in the phonetic section even though these are simple first-grade words. In other words, a sight reader is an impaired reader.

Dr. Stanislas Dehaene, a French neuroscientist, writes in his book, Reading in the Brain, “When children learn to read . . . their brains will never be the same again.” He writes (p.209):

The literate brain obviously engages many more left-hemispheric resources than the illiterate brain — even when we only listen to speech. Most strikingly, literacy did not only alter brain activity during language listening tasks, but also affected the anatomy of the brain. The rear part of the corpus callosum, which links the parietal regions of both hemispheres had thickened in the literate subjects. This macroscopic finding implies a massive increase in the exchange of information across the two hemispheres — perhaps explaining the remarkable increase in verbal memory span in literates.

Thus, we know that how reading is taught has an impact on the brain. The sight method deforms the brain and therefore harms the child.That is child abuse, and child abuse is a crime.  But our government education system is so corrupt that no one will recognize this crime although it is being committed every day, and millions of children suffer the consequences of this crime for the rest of their lives.  Will we ever hold our educators responsible for their criminal acts?

(To be continued.)

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