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The Third American Revolution

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More and more Americans are finally starting to realize we have a problem in this country. Most are not sure why or even what the problem is. They simply sense something is very wrong, as the nation appears to be losing its direction. Before any kind of action is taken, it’s vital that these concerns be understood and answered. Only then can we be assured to receive the desired outcome: freedom.  

The revolution of 1776 was not just an exercise by armed men seeking to overthrow their current government — as had been done so many times throughout history.

It wasn’t a desperate attempt to replace a bad king with a new one — backed by the usual hope that this time, this one would finally turn a kind, benevolent ear toward the pleas of the people. Such revolutions had been fought for centuries. Always the newly installed despots learned quickly how to plunder the people, gain power and riches for themselves, while holding out the carrot — the promise of a better day.

It wasn’t until 1776 that a few scholarly men in a rural, backward, isolated land figured it out. They studied every possible style of government. They noted the pitfalls, the dangers, and the traps that lead to tyranny. Most importantly they noted this fact: Freedom doesn’t just happen. It must first be understood. And then it must be planned, implemented, and protected.

Today, based on that first American Revolution, we hear many advocating support for the Principles of Freedom. But what are they and were did they come from?

The Principles of Freedom

It’s little understood that our Founding Fathers didn’t just come up with an idea and start to sell it as a principle — the way Obama and the “in” crowd do today.  

First, we must understand that principles are not legislated or invented. A principle exists and each of us are subject to it, whether or not we know it. Eventually that principle is discovered and then we understand what’s behind it.

For example, for centuries men were ignorant of the laws of physics, but they were subject to them nonetheless. Man couldn’t fly through the air or fill two objects in the same space, no matter how hard he tried, because the laws (or principles) of physics are fact, whether known or unknown.

The same is true with the Principles of Freedom. These basic principles are consistent with man’s nature and that’s why they work. When the Principles of Freedom are recognized and adhered to, there is prosperity, justice, and happiness. When the principles have been ignored or rejected, men have suffered poverty, stagnation, and political tyranny.

So to obtain freedom, it’s vital that we know what the principles are. We can break them down into three basic Principles of Freedom: individualism, private property, and free enterprise. They are all necessary for freedom to exist. Leave just one out, and freedom is eroded.

Individualism is one’s personal choices; the ability to pursue your own rational self interest. Choices like the religion you choose, the size home you build, the car you drive, the kind of spouse you select, and perhaps your profession. In short, individualism is fulfilling a life of one’s own.

Private property: Your own body is the most important property you will ever own. The idea that someone else can control that is absurd, but there are many who seek to do so. Forced vaccinations, for example.  

So private property is not just land. It is your thoughts, your possessions, and the fruits of your labor. Without the right to own and dispose of the products of one’s own life, the individual is dependent upon the State (or someone) for his very existence.

So, it is obvious that one can’t be individualistic without the ability to own and control private property. It can be argued that one can have no other rights without property rights. George Washington said, “Private property and freedom are inseparable.” Property-rights activist and rancher Wayne Hage said, “Either you have the right to own property or you are property.”

And that brings us to the third principle of freedom: free enterprise. Free markets. Capitalism. The process whereby free men buy and sell and trade the products of their own lives free from interference.

These are the three Principles of Freedom and are what made the actions of 1776 a revolution. The revolution was led and carried out by individuals, unleashed to follow their own paths. As a result, these United States became, almost overnight, the most prosperous, healthiest, happiest place ever known in human history. It had never happened before and never since.

Quiet Efforts to Undo the Spirit of 1776

And since its creation, there has been a relentless undercurrent to undo, destroy, and remake the nation into the image of all of the failed systems of history. From Alexander Hamilton to Franklin Roosevelt there was a slow, steady leak as individual liberty was carefully corralled for the common good. Property rights were deemed unworkable as “community needs” took precedence. And free enterprise was fouled as the root of evil greed.

Efforts were made to change America. But not too fast. A stronger central government steadily grew. A central bank was established. Foreign policy began to entangle Constitutional decisions. But always these changes were put forward carefully, quietly, so as to not visibly rock the premise of a free America. And America continued to prosper as the envy of the world.

The cuts to the revolution of 1776 have been slow, steady, and sure. But, like the frog in the boiling pot, they were hardly detectible for almost 200 years. Well into the last half of the 20th century, many Americans still wholly believed we were the Republic of 1776.

Looking for Answers

For a while, the changes were basically undetectable to the average American. That is until the start of the Second American Revolution. The slow and steady cuts that had removed the Founders’ intention to keep government under control were now used beyond anything most could envision. From the start of that second revolution America began to change — rapidly — openly — ruthlessly, away from the free, prosperous nation we once were, to the America of today, now drowning in a sea of rules and regulations.

Every area of our lives has become controlled by government edicts and intervention. From a mere trickle, those government controls became a flood — until finally, today, the Republic of our founders is literally unrecognizable.

When did such a drastic change take place? Who perpetrated it? How did they pull it off before our very eyes? Winston Churchill once said, “If you don’t look facts in the face, they have a way of stabbing you in the back.”

The fact is, before we can move forward to restore the American Republic, we need to know who we are fighting. We need to understand the root of the enemy we face. The Second American Revolution gathered behind a philosophy that is a complicated mixture of communism, fascism, and corporatism. It marches under a banner of green. And it calls itself “Environmentalism.”

For more than three decades, the forces of freedom have been systematically trampled under the boots of the green army that is driven by a religious zealotry to obliterate human society. Under the slogan of “going green” our industry is being strangled. Our property rights are being obliterated and the innocent victims now litter our courts. Almost anything goes in the name of environmentalism.

Many have become victims of harsh treatment or have been subjected to the propaganda that sells it to an uninformed public. Lives have been turned upside down. Some have lost farms and ranches. Some have seen their industries devastated. Some shiver in other industries hoping yet to avoid disaster. A growing number of Americans have become the victims of unwarranted regulations. Some are victims of the violence of zealots. Many now see an even greater danger rising on the international horizon through the United Nations.

Many have been forced to give up their hope of a quiet life and have become activists in the cause of freedom simply for their own survival as we face a seemingly unending number of foes — threatening all aspects of our society.

Many more seek help; seek answers; seek truth. They seek a way home to the America we once knew. So do I.

This year marks my 48th year in the war against those who say there is no reason, no ability, and no absolutes. Forty-eight years in a war against those who say private property and profit are evil. Forty-eight years in a war against those who have no problem ruling, regulating, and taxing my efforts in order to fill their own pockets — all in the name of the “public good.”

What I have learned in that time is the true nature of the beast I oppose. I’ve learned his tactics and I’ve learned his purpose. And I know from where he came.

I’ve also learned that there are those who profess to hold my values, who proclaim friendship, but who, when the chips are down, can be found breaking bread at the table of my enemies. And these are perhaps the most dangerous foes of freedom because many have our trust and yet have helped drive us all to the brink of disaster and defeat.

The Second American Revolution

I was there on the front lines at the origins of the Second American Revolution — the revolution under which America is still ruled. In the 1960s I stood on college campuses, opposing those who sought to close down classrooms in the name of a “revolution.”

Those who marched professed themselves to be Marxists, Leninist, Trotskyites, and Maoists. Their revolution, they proclaimed, was to give power to the people over evil industry, to replace money and materialism with charity and benevolence for a “common good.” In the name of brotherhood they used violence and deceit, threw bricks into windows, burned down campus buildings, incited riots, and spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam.

At the time, most Americans considered these self-proclaimed revolutionaries to be little more than spoiled kids exercising youthful energy and natural rebellion. Their advocacy of communism in the most free of all nations fell on mostly deaf ears of that older generation. By the early ’70s, while a few had gone underground to form terrorist units like the Weathermen, most of the activists were forgotten as they and the rest of America went on with their lives.

What does all of this have to do with environmental policy in 2016? What do a bunch of forgotten campus rebels have to do with the livelihoods of ranchers in Nevada or loggers in Oregon, or fishermen in California, or international treaties coming out of the UN? You see, the answers to your pain and suffering can be found starting with the very moment these revolutionaries left their college campuses.

I have in my possession a book published in the 1970s. It is a compilation, a scrapbook, if you will, of the writings of the leaders that appeared in the radical underground newspapers produced during the “revolution” of the ’60s. Its title is The Movement Toward a New America: The Beginnings of a Long Revolution. You see, those who drove the revolution of the ’60s, the true believers, were dedicated to a life-long struggle.

And what are some of the ravings we find in this document of revolution? You will find the beginnings of modem feminism. You will find attacks on the family structure and marriage.

You will find the roots of education restructuring that led to transforming our schools into little more than propaganda mills for the revolution. The book lays the groundwork for the use of psychological behavior-modification teaching methods, now standard in public education.

And you will find the roots of modern environmentalism. From the beginning it was obvious that this most popular of causes had very little to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with destroying free society.

In 1969, TV host Dick Cavett aired his regular network talk show, featuring a number of rock stars, including Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Jefferson Airplane. These stars of their day had just returned from performing at the historic Woodstock rock festival.

That concert was to go down in history as the defining moment of the “revolution.” Here the anti-war movement finally took hold. Here the anti-poverty movement became social revolution. Here the drug culture took on an identity. But what was on the minds of these rockers, just after such a monumental event?

Toward the end of the program, Cavett asked his guests if any of them would like to say something that they never had the opportunity to say before on TV. Immediately, David Crosby leaped at the chance, and said, “We all know the air around us is filthy. But the only way to change that is to convince Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Shell to go out of business.” You see? Yet most people today believe environmentalism was something that cropped up only in the last couple of decades or so.

The first to see the opportunities of using environmentalism to promote otherwise discredited Marxist/Leninist philosophy were some anti-nuke activists who named themselves “Greenpeace.” The “Green” represented the new propaganda of environmentalism, and the “Peace” kept the faith with the ’60s street revolution.

As for the rest of the committed revolutionaries, they went to work. But while most of us found jobs in the private sector, or followed in our parents’ footsteps or started our own businesses, the committed revolutionaries went into “public service.” They joined the offices of public defenders, staffed government social service offices, and worked in congressional and local political offices, using their position to create subtle changes in legislation and policy. These were, of course, changes that led to more government.

Many went into the news media and entertainment fields, and some ran for public office. Their most effective tactic put a noose around our very concept of free speech. They labeled it “political correctness,” designed to enforce massive behavioral changes and thought control.

All of these job choices were carefully picked to fill a specific purpose: to influence public policy and attitudes. Eventually they began to understand that they could be most effective by actually joining their enemy. And so some went to work for multinational corporations, originally facing accusations by their unenlightened fellow activists of “selling out.” Now we know it was the country that was sold out.

Today, it’s been almost 50 years. The “young Turk” revolutionaries have turned gray, balding, and plump. But they did their job well. Because by now, most of our government agencies, social services, news media, entertainment centers, institutions, charitable agencies, colleges, and multinational corporations are influenced, if not run by, those who once marched in the street and pledged to lead a “long revolution toward a new America.”

So, are you now surprised that our nation is going through a massive restructuring? Are you surprised that our schools no longer teach the ideals of what was once a society run on the free-enterprise concept? Are you surprised that true American history is being ignored or changed, and patriotism is considered extremist?

When revolutions are won, the victors gain the power to honor their heroes. Observe that schools, public buildings, and parks are no longer named after Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. Those were the heroes of the first revolution. They have been overthrown. The new heroes on the names of schools and public boulevards are César Chávez and Rachel Carson. We’ve had Black Panthers like Bobby Rush in Congress and college professors named Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. We have a first lady who lists as a mentor, Stokely Carmichael, who coined the phrase “Burn, Baby, Burn.” And we have an avowed Socialist running a surprisingly strong campaign for president.     

The truth we must now face is that the rules and regulations that so unreasonably have forced Americans out of their homes and jobs have absolutely nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with those slogans that were chanted in the nation’s streets in the 1960s.

Americans have become the victims of a revolution to turn American society upside down, or as Al Gore calls it, “a wrenching transformation.” First and foremost is the drive to destroy the concept of private property. You see, those who seek to rule and regulate your every action know that, without the right to own and control property, there can be no peace or security — no rule of law. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. How do you break down a society? You eliminate property rights.

Why is crime rampant? Because, first, government sanctioned the right to take property from individuals, through rules and regulations, and through lawsuits and public opinion. Once the concept was established, it was easy for the third-rate thugs on every street to loot and destroy in the name of “their” rights.

The Sanction of the Victim

But one doesn’t take the freest society on earth and turn it into a collectivist gulag overnight. For peaceful revolution to succeed, the perpetrators need the “sanction of the victim.” They need you to voluntarily give up your property, your wealth, and your liberty.

Open advocacy and adherence to the ideals of Marxism-Leninism didn’t do it. They needed something else. The threat of danger is a good tool. The greater the threat, the less the objection to giving up liberties. Worldwide environmental Armageddon became the plan of choice.

And so it began. Faced with the threat of global warming that would melt the polar ice caps and flood the world, we victims voluntarily gave up vital technological development that would have saved us labor and increased the quality of life. Industry accepted regulations that forced it to spend millions to create unnecessary technology.

When faced with the unfounded charge that unnamed species were supposedly vanishing by the crateload, the alarmed public supported regulations that shut down timber and mining. Ozone holes, acid rain, and dolphin-safe fishing became the mantra, driven by a hysteria plotted at the level of twelve-year-old girls in a pet shop pleading with the shop owner to “let the poor little animals out!”

As the propaganda mill poured out one unsubstantiated horror story after another, science was bastardized to fit the political agenda. Reason and truth weren’t necessary. So successful has the campaign been to replace reason and knowledge with blind emotion and Pavlovian adherence to environmental propaganda that we victims voluntarily accept the premise that:

It’s OK for a beaver to build a dam, but not for man.

It’s OK for a wolf to hunt, but not for man.

It’s OK for a lion to eat meat, but not for man.

The revolution succeeded in building hysteria over unsubstantiated environmental disasters. That hysteria led to demands that something massive must be done. Said the revolutionaries, only the combined international forces of the UN could be strong enough to take effective action. Sovereign nations, they said, can’t be trusted to take care of these problems on their own.

And so it went. The hysteria created by bogus science was sold to a once proud nation using all of the outlets manned by those old revolutionaries of the ’60s. The media pounded out the message that man is a cancer on the earth. The schools failed to tell children that trees can actually be replanted like a corn crop. The Smithsonian Institute carried an exhibit on the ravages of global warming.

The Cancer Society led the fight to ban the right of smoking. The smoking ban was the trial balloon to see how quickly gullible Americans will follow similar efforts for banning the eating of meat, the banning of cars, and the banning of private property. It’s all for the children, of course!

The Chamber of Commerce, the avowed defender of free enterprise, now argues that government-sanctioned monopolies called Public/Private Partnerships are the new free enterprise. That allows global corporations in the partnership, which agree to play ball, to have special privileges and tax breaks over their competition. It means local developers in the partnership gain access to property not open to their competitors. Then they tell us this is using the power of free enterprise to keep down the cost and size of government.

All of it is the propaganda necessary to gain the sanction of the victims. All is designed to get you to question your own selfishness and arrogance for thinking you could grow crops or harvest trees for profit or that you had a right to put fences around property that you bought and paid for.

Nineteen years ago, 39 people took their lives because they believed that their souls would travel on a spaceship that was following behind a comet. We called them nuts. So what do you call an entire nation that voluntarily surrenders its property, liberty, and national identity based on propaganda and lies?

The green agenda has invaded every aspect of our society. In 1992, the mother of all tools to impose the revolution was rammed down every nation on earth. It was called Agenda 21 and its policy of Sustainable Development became the blueprint for the final victory over freedom. In 2015 it was updated and called Agenda 2030.

Agenda 21 involves every agency of the federal government, and has roared through state and local governments. Its greatest threat is that it is a path to actually change our system of government away from elected representative government to the establishment of non-elected regional councils that dictate policy through federal grants.  

It affects how and where we can build our homes; how crops can be grown or even what crops may be grown. It even seeks to dictate the kind of foods we are allowed to eat. It’s in our schools, in the workplace, and at our social gatherings. Sustainable Development covers much more than environmentalism. In fact, the environment is just the excuse.

The social-equity plank of Sustainable Development is based on a demand for “social justice” — a term coined by Karl Marx. It means that individuals must give up “selfish” wants for the needs of the common good or the “community.”

Through Sustainable Development the final drive for the revolting dreams of the ’60s is coming into place: forced utopia, promises of healthcare for all, jobs for all, housing for all, equality for all. It is the ultimate melting pot, designed to cleanse the nation of individuality, private property, and free enterprise.

Incredibly, according to Sustainable Development documents, it is considered a social injustice to own private property because some build wealth through property ownership but others don’t. Did you know it’s a social injustice for nations to have borders and sovereignty because that keeps people from naturally migrating?

Again, Sustainable Development has nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with transforming our society into the agenda first demanded by revolting street thugs.

Remember what they demanded in those protest rallies? One world. One people. Redistribution of wealth for equality for all. We wouldn’t do it for the sake of Marx, Mao, and Lenin. But for the fear of environmental Armageddon, the people follow like sheep.    

Why was it so easy for these totalitarian forces to simply march across the nation and trample on what were once unquestioned Constitutionally guaranteed rights? Because no one stood in their way. Sustainable Development became the official policy of both major political parties. Corporations embraced it for the profits gained from their partnerships with governments.

Today, barely a single politician at any level even questions the policy of Sustainable Development. And neither do the mainstream conservative media or the established conservative/libertarian organizations and think tanks. Indeed, when anyone even brings up the terms Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development, whether in a city council meeting or an establishment conservative event, these leaders have been conditioned to simply roll their eyes and deny its existence.  

For some reason they will attack global warming, cap-and-trade, and smart growth. But they will not even acknowledge the root of these policies. They will never use the words Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development. And many deride spokesmen like me for bringing out the UN connection as they embrace the Public/Private Partnerships and tell us it’s free enterprise and limited government.

When the Republicans were in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, they did more to entrench Sustainable Development than any Democrat could have hoped for. They actually laid the groundwork for Barack Obama to literally revolutionize the nation. And to this day they continue to stand aside while he does it.

When those of us in the property-rights movement tried to fight these policies we were told to be careful. Don’t attack the green movement. To do so would deny us a place at the table where policy was being made! Seek common ground, they said. Be reasonable.

The Trent Lotts and John McCains and George Bushes told us that rather than stand for the principles of freedom, we instead need a “new Republican environmental vision” with which we could lock arms with our enemies in hopes of finding “peace in our time.”

That’s exactly how we lost the Second American Revolution — because our own leadership refused to fight, and instead embraced the revolution of our enemies. They did it because they accepted the premise that freedom was over, done, defeated. They believed it was now time to accept that defeat and just find a way to survive.

There was another time in our history when the forces of freedom doubted their ability to survive. In the late 1930s, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were a growing force in Europe.

Several nations had already fallen under his power. There were pro-Nazi rallies taking place in Madison Square Garden in New York City. There were pro-Nazi movements on the march in South America and South Africa. To many of the leaders in the free nations of the world it seemed that Hitler’s nightmare was a done deal, that there was no way to stop it.

These men were diplomats who made deals based on the fad of the day and on the meandering whims of the public. They knew nothing of the meaning of liberty or of the principles of property. These men thought they could deal with the devil, even though the devil knew that they stood for nothing but the “deal” — that there was no line that couldn’t be crossed.

And so, Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of the once-powerful British Empire, derby and black umbrella in hand, flew onto Adolf Hitler’s turf to negotiate for mercy. He only hoped to get some sort of deal that would allow the free nations to survive in a world controlled by cold-blooded brutes.

Hitler smiled, invited him to sit at his table, and signed such an agreement. As Chamberlain told the cheering crowds that he had “achieved peace in our time,” Hitler was attacking Czechoslovakia. And Chamberlain let him do it, because to do otherwise would have cost him his “place at the table.”

So today, those who seek to restore the American Republic face a similar crossroads. We see our enemies on all sides. We have experienced few victories. And we also have some leaders among us, in the Congress, in our state houses, in county and local offices, and even in our own movement, who say we have no choice but to compromise, find mutual ground, don’t rock the boat, and above all, appear “reasonable” to “get a place at the table” with the big boys. To continue to fight, they say, will only be divisive against reasonable negotiations.

Had Winston Churchill accepted Neville Chamberlain’s view of the world, discussions over the concept of private-property rights would be a long-lost concept. Instead of wringing his hands and crying for mercy, Churchill told his countrymen there would be no more compromise. He said “we shall fight them on land, on the sea, and in the air.” He said the enemy would only take the tiny island of England “when all of us lay on the shore, choking on our own blood.” He vowed to fight to the finish.  

His enemy threatened to change his world forever. And so does ours. We are not engaged in a political debate. This is a war. We face a dedicated revolutionary foe that cares not one whit about your wants, needs, or rights.

The core of our cities, once vibrant and alive with men who understood that man’s progress was his greatest achievement, are now slipping into silent decay. Vital services are beginning to break down. Vast amounts of American land and resources are being locked away. Is this the result of men entrusted with too much freedom? Or is it the result of the looter mentality of those who loathe industry and technology?

Our great factories of the Northeast lie in rusting ruins. Is this the result of capitalism run amuck? Or is it the result of rules and regulations designed by modern-day Robin Hoods who seek to drain the wealth out of the producer and give it to the sniveling whiners who believe our duty on earth is to give them an unearned living?

Our economy is on the verge of collapse because banks and lending institutions were told they had to break all the rules of sound finance and give loans to people with no money — in the name of the revolution’s contrived equality.

And more and more government means more and more raids on an already bankrupt treasury. More taxes, more regulations, and more programs mean only one thing: total control of every aspect of our lives, just as the revolution intends.    

Turning our society backwards to the way it was before Christopher Columbus, as radical environmentalists advocate, is an insanity that should be laughed out of the hall whenever it’s uttered. Yet that is the root of the philosophy that some of our most trusted leaders and elected officials seek to compromise with.

True science proves that their “chicken little” horror stories are unfounded. True science proves that man is the hero — not the cancer — of the earth. True science proves that man’s technology and man’s stewardship of privately owned land is the only real environmental protection.

It’s time to face facts. It’s time to understand your enemy. It’s time to take a firm stand. It’s time to go on the offensive — to speak the truth and expose the lies.

The fact is that the revolution, under the name of the environmental movement, has declared war on your property, war on your livelihood, war on your families, and war on truth and logic.

How will you fight back? By seeking some “common ground”? By using the non-confrontational tactics employed by the RINO cowards in Congress who say it’s not politically feasible to take on the environmental issues? Voters might not understand, they say.

Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson trying to hide the fact that his real purpose was liberty? “I know,” he could have said, “let’s just tell them we don’t like tea!” We can only win the hearts and minds of the American people by telling them the truth.

We must understand that this war is not something new. It began in the streets of America during a time when some very dedicated radicals, carrying the slogans of Mao and Lenin, sought to change our nation to all that those slogans represented. A new Dark Ages determined to bring about the destruction of human society is their ultimate and stated goal.

If we fail to understand that, then soon we will have taken the full journey to the “revolution.” And when the lights go out in the greatest nation on earth, when the wilderness creeps back in, will you feel enlightened, or just cold, hungry, and betrayed?

The Third American Revolution

The time is now; the decision of whether there will be betrayal or truth is yours. This is still the greatest nation on earth. You and I can still restore the Republic of our Founders.  

But it is now time, my friends, for a Third American Revolution. One based on the same principles of our Founding Fathers and the principles of Freedom.

The good news is that such a revolution has already begun. The results of the ’60s revolution on our daily lives are finally being seen by the American people. And that is why so many are now beginning to question programs and policies. They are beginning to figure out that the representatives they elect are paying no attention to them. Finally something is beginning to stir.

This current election is proving that many more Americans are now ready to mobilize. They are ready to listen and take action. But they have missed a great deal as they ignored the Second American Revolution. So they are confused. And they are stumbling in the dark trying to find the right path. They see the enemy as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They think the problem is too much government spending, healthcare, gun control, and illegal immigration.

To fix it, Americans must learn that the root of nearly every one of these issues is directly tied to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, driven by those who seek to transform our society into little soviets of non-elected boards and councils and regional governments, answerable to no one. Unless we can throw off those totalitarian shackles at the local level it will become impossible to restore the Republic. America, as we have known it, will be gone.

It is also vital to understand that we will not win victory overnight with one phone call, one petition, or one demonstration. Further, the Second American Revolution didn’t destroy our freedom in one election cycle. It has taken decades. And we won’t overturn it this coming November in one election. But we can start now in every city in every local race. Work for and demand the election of candidates that will represent you and defend the Principles of Freedom.

Above all, don’t just wait for elections. Show up in their lairs where they slink in the back rooms making their plans for your future. Put a bright spotlight on their actions and call them out, over and over again. Never accept the excuse that it’s gone too far and so there is nothing we can do. That assures defeat.

That is what lays ahead for us now. We must learn, organize, and rededicate ourselves to one goal — victory through a Third American Revolution lead by dedicated, demanding, freedom-loving Americans single-minded in one goal: to restore our Republic.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Now we know who the enemy is. It’s time we strike at the root of that evil revolution and stop its destruction of our Freedom.

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