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Reject the "Yogyakarta Principles"!

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In 2006, an international gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender promoters (LGBT) met in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to discuss combatting and eliminating opposition to their lifestyles. The outcome of the meeting saw publication during the following year of 29 Principles that take dead aim at mankind’s traditional attitude toward homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, and intersex. Wherever the Yogyakarta Principles might be formally adopted or become an accepted norm, any negativity toward such matters must, according to these individuals, be legally swept away and even punished by a new category of international law.

The 29 guidelines promoting acceptance of what has traditionally been deemed unacceptable were compiled by a group of activists led by an Irish former Catholic priest named Michael O’Flaherty. A partisan for all types of sexual deviation, he more recently distinguished himself as a leader of the campaign in Ireland that succeeded in legitimizing homosexual “marriage.”

The Yogyakarta Principles (YPs) address “the importance of non-discrimination” in employment, education, sexual and reproductive health, and sex reassignment therapy. The standards produced at the conference call for the recognition of the rights of the LGBT community to be unimpeded, even protected. The obvious goal is to create complete freedom for these individuals to propagate their preferences. Enforcement of these Principles would even categorize as a crime any blocking of a teacher sharing his opinions about sexual matters, even sexual deviancy, with students at all grade levels. In short, according to these activists, all forms of sexual conduct must be considered human rights worthy of legal protection.

To date, the YPs have not been accepted by the United Nations. Brought before the UN General Assembly in the past for discussion and possible approval, objections from the representatives of a few small countries (Malawi, Mauritania, and Trinidad and Tobago) plus negativity expressed by the delegation from much larger and more influential Russia succeeded in blocking the grant of a UN stamp of approval. But leaders of the LGBT movement have continued their drive to have their sexual aberrations given sanction by the world body.

There is now more to consider about this campaign. In 2017, 10 more of these principles were added, bringing the total of YPs to 39. Now known as “YP Plus 10,” the additions contain clearer definitions of gender expression and sexual characteristics as well as a strengthening of demands for unquestioned acceptance, including the right of LGBT persons to be free from “indirect or direct criminalization or sanction” from “religious laws.” The pointed attack on religion in 2017’s Yogyakarta Principle 33 is significant. If someone in a church speaks out against the conduct of LGBT individuals, or against a classroom teacher advocating the practices of LGBT partisans, the plan is to rely on international law to prosecute the opponent.

The final principle contained in the 2017 YP revision demands “the right to practice and manifest cultural diversity.” That catchall says it all.

The UN General Assembly will soon be asked to rethink its previous refusal to award a stamp of approval on these principles. Formal UN approval by the UN’s 193 member nations will be sought for the original 29 principles and the 10 additional definitions and strictures. The New York City-based Center for Family and Human Rights (known as C-Fam) will do all in its power to scuttle the plans of the LGBT community to gain UN approval. We wish them success.

Americans who don’t want UN backing of the 39 Yogyakarta Principles should contact the office of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley here and request resistance to the LGBT plan. Requesting that the United States withdraw completely from the United Nations itself would be a very wise addition to your plea.


John F. McManus is president emeritus of The John Birch Society.

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