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Socialist Strategy Against America: Pressure From Above and Below

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Call what is happening to our nation and to ourselves communism, or fascism, or totalitarianism, or revolution, or whatever other name you might choose. The goal of the Deep State (Insiders) doesn’t change. Those who make up the Deep State want total power over everyone. How they intend to reach this goal must become known in order to combat their planning that continues to unfold.

When Lenin and Trotsky seized control of Russia in 1917, they did so in the name of communism. But after they swallowed up a few surrounding countries, they called their conquest the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Socialism was their real goal. Their initial conquests were made by brute force. But they achieved many of their succeeding takeovers using a process that came to be known as “revolutionary parliamentarianism.”

The newer way debuted in Czechoslovakia, a nation that succumbed to totalitarian slavery during the post-World War II years (1946-1948). The communists who implemented revolutionary parliamentarianism did not need to resort to military methods or police-led armed force in order to seize control. Czech communist strategist Jan Kozak provided details about the strategy in a report entitled “How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism.” Note that the stated goal of Kozak and his comrades wasn’t communism; it was socialism. As history shows, his plan called for having the people choose enslavement rather than have soldiers and police officers force it on them. If the people can be conned into accepting slavery, resistance has already disappeared.

Kozak’s technique called for pressure from below aided simultaneously by pressure from above. From below came organized mobs demanding government programs to address real or concocted problems. These mobs were financed by wealthy individuals (either openly or covertly) who were allies of leftist parliamentarians. Some of the financiers thought they could buy their way into the mostly secretive inner circle. Most of tem were swiftly done away with.

From above came a) professional crowd organizers trained by communists and b) money to finance the street demonstrators who were almost entirely young people. A few communists in the national parliament saw to it that whatever problems were being emphasized to stimulate demonstrations and riots would be addressed by legislation promising to restore peace. But the legislation always increased government power.

Excessive pressure from below set the stage for parliamentary responses. Even solid anti-Communist legislators found themselves forced to accept the goals of their adversaries — all in the name of restoring order. Soon, takeovers of the military and police were accomplished legally and the all-encompassing goals of those who followed and implemented Kozak’s plan had been achieved. Czechoslovakia became a satellite of Moscow without a shot being fired. Revolutionary parliamentarianism had worked its magic, and freedom disappeared.

Is the Kozak plan being used to destroy the United States? One hardly needs to ask the question. Recent history has seen mobs in the streets protesting use of force by police. State legislature buildings have been invaded by angry mobs that want more government programs. Demonstrations leading to rioting and property damage have become common. All such activity should be classified as pressure from below.

But this activity in the streets is financed from above by the likes of Hungarian immigrant billionaire George Soros, and by left-leaning labor groups and foundations. The group known as Antifa (supposedly anti-fascist) arose virtually overnight to create a protest at the Trump inauguration. A tiny but relevant faction know as “Recon,” a bunch of revolutionary communists, has joined them. Such groups as these have led demonstrations against white privilege, border control, legitimate police power, real or imagined racist and hate groups, and more. Conservative speakers have had their invitations withdrawn because of mob pressure on campuses. Individuals and groups favoring acceptance of homosexual, transgender, pro-abortion, and other issues can expect harassment, even violence, for defending traditional values.

The actual communist leanings of organizers and leaders are no secret. Pressure from below has already succeeded in influencing legislative bodies at state and local levels. It is being felt at the national level as well. Pressure from above includes financial assistance for radicals and favorable media treatment supporting the Left's narrative. In most cases, expecting the media to expose the financiers and organizers of revolutionary activity is looking for help that will never be there.

All of this follows the Kozak plan. But it’s not too late for Americans to realize that their nation is being attacked from within. Understanding the Kozak strategy will help to energize good people to prevent the fate of the former Czechoslovakia and elsewhere.


John F. McManus is president emeritus of The John Birch Society.

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