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The State, Serfs, and Suicide

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Becky AkersSodomy’s advocates want us to believe that evil is good, that sin is simply a “lifestyle choice,” and that such hellish ideas have no consequences. Their agenda has claimed three more lives while our rulers and their shills in the media blame us rather than those responsible.

Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi were 18-year-old freshmen at Rutgers University in New Jersey as well as roommates. Tyler apparently considered their common quarters his private homosexual brothel, “sexiling” Dharun on at least two occasions during the semester’s first three weeks. (Pretty impressive, huh? If you’re like me, you barely knew anyone well enough to say hello just 21 days after hitting campus.) Whether as a prank or as revenge for being thrown out of his room, Dharun captured Tyler’s activities with a webcam. He streamed this video live to the Internet.

Around this time, a guy everyone now assumes to be Tyler complained about just such an incident on a homosexual website. So we might suppose that Tyler’s knowledge of his roommate’s webcast would have put the kibosh on further liaisons, at least in the room they shared. Au contraire. And again, I am left scratching my head. Had a roommate secretly broadcast even my most innocuous activities on the Internet, I would have been first in line at the housing office for a change in dorms. Not Tyler. He sexiled Dharun once more, with similar results.

Sounds as if these horrifically tacky, thoughtless, and immoral roommates deserved one another.

But a guy uninhibited about hanging a pink necktie on his doorknob died of embarrassment — literally, or so the cops and the media insist — after his stardom on the Internet: Tyler jumped to his death off New York City’s George Washington Bridge on September 22. He left a note of sorts on Facebook: "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." Six final words, and not one explains his drastic decision.

No matter: The paradigm in which minorities of any stripe are flawless, innocent creatures leagues above the majority’s Philistines but, alas, completely at their mercy decrees that Tyler died because of Dharun’s insensitivity. Yet Dharun, whose family hails from India, is a member of a minority, too, who has no doubt endured his share of troubles amongst the Philistines. Whatever: In the absurd, subjective world of the politically correct, a white guy’s “sexual orientation” apparently trumps a straight guy’s race.

And so Dharun’s friends defend him in PC’s terms: "He's very very open minded and he, like if it had been a girl in the room it wouldn't have been any different," avers “Michael Zhuang, a friend of Ravi's for six years” who is also “a neighbor and former classmate. ‘…I don't think he's a homophobe.’” We have fallen so far that this is not only a justification of his actions but a strong one.

What a sentence this tragedy passes on a century’s worth of social engineering! The quest to perfect mankind through politics, to mold our nature in conformity with the Progressive ideal, to silence the individual’s conscience in favor of the State’s standards and laws and thereby usher in Utopia, has failed: Here’s a product of that indoctrination whose roommate wound up dead.

And no wonder: “Gay, lesbian and bisexual students are … four times more likely to attempt suicide [than others], according to a 2007 Massachusetts youth risk survey.” Perhaps Tyler had a spat with the “unidentified older man” of his tryst; perhaps he was keenly homesick or depressed for any number of reasons. But such motives won’t tighten the State’s grip on our lives. So politicians and the media insist Tyler plunged into the Hudson solely because of Dharun’s webcast. And the moral of that story is that the Philistines need more laws, more control, more regulation: Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a “child and adolescent psychologist … said everyone, from parents to schools to the federal government, should be working to make sure anti-bullying legislation includes LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender) kids and adults.”

Inspiring suicide is not yet a crime, although our rulers and their accomplices are working on it (“Tyler Clementi Suicide Result of Hate Crime? Gay Rights Group: His Death Could Point to Bigger Problem.” Ahem: My money says that though they succeed in pinning Tyler’s death on Dharun, they won’t go after the IRS for Joseph Stacks’). But “depicting nudity or sexual contact involving another individual without that person's consent” is a crime: “Under New Jersey's invasion-of-privacy statutes, it is a fourth degree crime…. It is a third degree crime to transmit or distribute such images.”

And so cops have arrested not only Dharun but another freshman at Rutgers named Molly Wei. No account I’ve read says that Molly did anything beyond affording Dharun refuge in her room when Tyler barred him from his own. But lest we doubt our rulers’ probity, we’ll presume Molly was right up there with Dharun, taping and posting. If convicted, both could languish in prison for five years.

What a waste! Why not pack these two off instead to Washington, D.C., or their state’s capital? Surely bureaucrats who wiretap us, who know to the penny how much money we earn, inherit, or invest, who read our e-mails, collect our medical records, and track our movements via our cellphones and our cars’ GPS, who spy on every detail of our lives all the time — surely such grey little creeps could use a couple of recruits like Dharun and Molly with their budding gift for surveillance.  

The couple would be especially invaluable at the Transportation Security Administration, whose airport checkpoints have elevated the “collect[ing] or view[ing of] images depicting nudity … without that person's consent” to the status of national security.

The TSA is foisting its “whole-body imagers” on us despite intense opposition from passengers, pilots, scientists worried about irradiation, and even the Senate, surprisingly enough. So “individuals” are very much refusing their “consent” to the agency’s “depicting nudity” — to no avail: “Drew Hjelm [is] an Army veteran who recently encountered the X-ray machine at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  … ‘The [screener] said, either you go through the body scanner or you leave the airport or we’re going to call the police and they’re going to come and arrest you,’ Mr. Hjelm said. ‘After I went through the body scanner, they still patted my pants down.’” Add sexual assault to “depicting nudity … without that person’s consent.”

The conniving, utterly dishonest Feds assert that Hjelm and the rest of us actually do assent to this molestation. How? We buy airline tickets. Yes! The government actually equates purchasing a seat on a flight with our begging its goons to abuse us. How’s that for stunningly Satanic and totally specious illogic? Nonetheless, it explains why the TSA’s perverts are leering at our naked pictures on their screens right now rather than staring at five years, a la Dharun and Molly.

Naturally, Leviathan’s lackeys can’t pass up an opportunity to burnish their own self-righteousness at these kids’ expense. And so we have New Jersey's Head Cheese, Republican Chris Christie, sighing, "I don't know how these two folks are going to sleep at night.”

Probably the same way you do, Gov.

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