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Our Homeland Security and TSA Rulers Demand Gratitude for Groping Us

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Catch this stunner from that collection of Nazis at the Department of Homeland Security: “The mood among security officials is ‘anger over the way the media is playing this story [about John Tyner],’ according to a senior Homeland Security official.”

Mr. Tyner is the courageous passenger who sought to fly from his home in Orange County, California, to South Dakota last weekend without first suffering irradiation and a strip-search from the TSA’s porno-scanners. And so he turned to the agency’s website — always a repository for insultingly bold lies, obfuscation, and inaccuracies — and its list of airports infested with the gizmos. When he didn’t find San Diego’s in the catalog of shame (TSA has since corrected the page), he headed to the terminal.

One of our public servants ordered him into the mechanical Peeping Tom that lurks there after all.

Consider for a moment the sort of person who signs on with the TSA. He cannot have read the U.S. Constitution, or if he has, he dismisses it with the scorn of those traitors on the Potomac since every crime the TSA commits, every warrantless search it conducts, even its very existence, violate that document. The TSA’s applicant must also disdain compassion and kindness because he’ll spend much of his day inconveniencing, angering, and frustrating passengers: he’ll rob them of simple comforts like cups of tea and coffee and a quick, pleasant trip from their car to their seat on the plane, force them to waste their shampoo and mouthwash in the TSA’s silly jihad against liquids, pry teddy bears from crying kids, swipe sustenance from sick, elderly ladies. What we have here is the classic villain of Victorian melodrama; all that’s missing is a passenger tied to railroad tracks.

Now add to this the TSA’s newest evil: its demands that screeners punish us for refusing its carcinogenic strip-search by groping between our legs, sliding their hands down our trousers, and pawing our chests. Imagine your reaction should your boss order you to sexually molest everyone who walks through the door. Would you punch him out first and quit or quit first and then punch him?

What does it say of the TSA’s 50,000 screeners that not a single one has walked off the so-called job over this? Indeed, you might think self-preservation would kick in at some point: not only are screeners irradiated right along with passengers, but some jurisdictions are now promising to prosecute them for “inappropriate touching.” (“If convicted of a misdemeanor, TSA screeners would face up to one year in the county jail; for a felony, which would involve skin-on-skin contact, they would face up to three years in state prison.”) And no wonder: there’s a name for deviants who hire themselves out to fondle people’s “junk,” and it ain’t pretty.

So when Mr. Tyner refused to expose himself in the porno-scanner, the TSA’s whore threatened to maul him with a “groin check.” Mr. Tyner in turn warned him, "You touch my junk and I'm going to have you arrested." 

That pithy defense “triggered a code red of sorts as TSA agents, supervisors and eventually the local police gravitated to the spot where the reluctant traveler stood…” They “detained,” harassed and interrogated our hero before “escorting” him from the airport while growling that they’ll sock him with a $10,000 fine for leaving. That’s police-state logic for you.

Mr. Tyner wisely taped the attack with his cell phone; he went home to blog about it and post the recording on the Internet. By now millions of Americans have heard what really happened as opposed to the corporate media’s usual regurgitation of the TSA’s propaganda. 

And that has Our Rulers in a swivet. Not only are they “ang[ry] over the way the media is playing this story,” — which, as we just established, it isn’t and can’t thanks to Mr. Tyner’s tape — they’re also furious at our ingratitude. Yes! These nitwits actually expect us to thank our assailants with a smile as they molest our children and traumatize pilots

"You had a dutiful [transportation security officer],” the “senior Homeland Security official” [sic for “senior whore”] continued, “someone who works on the front lines to protect this country from a terrorist attack…”

Translation: someone who molests little kids in broad daylight before hundreds of witnesses on the preposterous pretense that a toddler just might secrete a bomb in his diaper one day. 

“…someone who did everything by the book and according to his training…”

Anyone agitated that the TSA’s “training” now includes “Sexual Molestation and Abuse of Passengers 101: You Haven’t Groped ‘Em Hard Enough if You Don’t Leave ‘Em Shaking With Humiliation and Fear”? 

Meanwhile, let’s disabuse the TSA of this nonsense right now: rape is not OK so long as the rapist does it by the book. The Nazis shoved people into ovens according to rules and regulations: all the laws in the world can’t turn mass murder moral. Ditto for mass molestation.

“…and he was accosted and verbally abused by a member of the traveling public…”

Kinda thin-skinned, wouldn’t you say? Whores are physically, sexually assaulting us, but let us “accost and verbally abuse” them, and they fall to pieces. 

Then, too, note the utter lie: the whore accosted Mr. Tyner, not the other way around. And the taxpayer Our Rulers accuse of “verbal abuse” is so mellow that the San Diego Union Tribune describes him as “the kind of guy who gives ‘laid-back’ and ‘easy-going’ their Southern California golden aura … soft-spoken…”

Thank God, we have reached the end of the “senior Homeland Security official’s” little tantrum. He concluded it by whining, "…The fact that some in the media would hail the traveler as a kind of folk hero is shameful."

And that’s coming from an expert, folks: one thing whores understand is shame.

Becky Akers, an expert on the American Revolution, writes frequently about issues related to security and privacy. Her articles and columns have been published by, The Freeman, Military History Magazine, American History Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Post, and other publications.

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