Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Obama Promotes Division

Written by  Linda Schrock Taylor

One of the police supervisors in the Cambridge Police/Crosby/Gates press conference suggested that Obama, himself, may be unwilling to accept our post-racial America. That speaker hit upon something extremely important and highlighted yet another illogical and dangerous spoke in the whirling wheel of Obama policies and methods.

As Gates, Obama, and the news people continue to pour fuel on the fire, I am even more convinced that among Obama’s Tactics of Rule are 1) to yell “FIRE!” in a nervous country, and 2) to make mountains out of molehills.

I was reminded of a memory from my early years in teaching. I was working at a large state school for the deaf and one year I was assigned to train a black student teacher. From the beginning, Miss X vocalized her unhappiness about problems that she perceived in the care and treatment of our black children. I repeatedly discussed her concerns with her, she only believed her “facts.” In due time, the young woman succeeded in upsetting staff, deaf students and many parents.

Finally, I asked Miss X to join me with a class of students. First, I focused the woman’s attention around the classroom, from child to child, asking her first, if the child’s hair was being taken care of properly; and secondly, the race of the child. One by one, Miss X realized that no child — white, black, Hispanic, or Indian — had well-tended hair. I then asked if she had any suggestions for overworked housemothers who must get over a hundred little girls dressed and out the door for school, let alone find time for combing, braiding, upsweeps, curling, and otherwise “well-tended” hairdos.

Miss X understood my point, so I next turned to the children and asked them, “What color is Fred?” No one raised a hand. “Come on! You have grown up with Fred. What color is his skin?” The children looked around the room in confusion. No one had any idea. I said, “Fred is black.” One student jumped to his feet and began to rapidly sign, “NO! You WRONG! He NOT black! He captain of football team!” I turned to the student teacher and said, “You are teaching my students to discriminate. These children accept each other based on what they do, and on what kind of people they are, but never on race. YOU are being instrumental in introducing the concept of differences and inequality here; you are pushing a racial agenda.”

Obama is doing the same thing. He is dividing America in order to conquer and rule it. This is but another spoke in the turning gears of his policies.

America, always remember that together we stand; divided we fall. We need to stick together as a people. We need to become aware of the truth, then impeach and remove a divisive fear monger. Obama is creating discord in America, as my student teacher was introducing racism into a large school for the deaf. Obama’s agenda moves forward with each success in pitting one group against another: blacks vs. whites; haves vs. have-nots; police vs. citizens; republicans vs. democrats; those who garden vs. those who do not garden; winners vs. losers; big business vs. the People; the list is extensive and growing.

Please research and learn about this man. Carefully consider the underlying meanings and means of any drum that this man bangs as he creates more breaches in our culture. It is from the breaches that he will implement his devastating plans for the rapid collapse of America.

In his brief appearance to discuss his self-created conflict with the police, Obama used the perfect description of his attack on America: "a ratcheting up.” Obama is ratcheting up minimal, as well as nonexistent, non-issues. (Healthcare, for sure.) His methods are those of a master at scare tactics. If any wheel has ever needed to have a strong cog shoved into it, it is Obama’s.

Linda Schrock Taylor is a retired special education teacher; a reading specialist; former homeschooling parent; and outspoken constitutionalist. She is slowly writing her first book on remediating reading skills.

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