Wednesday, 14 April 2010

American Pride, Gratitude, and Work

Written by  Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell I’ve always been proud to be an American, proud about her independent spirit, her inspired — even Providential — founding, her many heroes during those difficult early days and the difficult days and years that followed, proud of all those men and women of vision, virtue, and action who knew the score and stood up for the truth when it was popular, and when it was not, when it cost little, and when it cost everything.

I’m particularly proud of my country in this time of national testing, not proud that decades of creeping socialism, fascism, and internationalism have finally brought us to the brink of disaster, but I am particularly proud of the overwhelming response of millions, no, tens of millions of spirited, independent minded, constitutional defending, state rights loving patriots of every age group, sex, and religion who have united under the common banner: “Enough is Enough!”

Who seem to be saying more particularly with an exceptional dose of vim and vigor: “Enough with all the ‘isms’ and blind party partisanship. Enough with political correctness. Enough with the dumbfounded notion that ‘All is Well’ when, never, Never has ALL been well. Enough with winning elections rather than defending principle. Enough with Republicans full to the brim with conservative chatter, contracts, and compassion who deliver nothing more than center-right progressivism, progressivism, and more progressivism. Enough with ignoring and demonizing those voices in the wilderness armed with facts, reason, and faith that have been the unheralded backbone that has stood fast by the constitutional and moral order of our forefathers year after year, decade after decade, writing letters, holding seminars, introducing measures that became law (or did not become law) and thus slowed down the socialist express — and who now hope to insure that express is knocked into oblivion with a stunning and precise stiff right jab.

As to these old timers who have always been there, if you know one of them, you just might want to thank them. And here’s a prediction about this type: they and their children and their children’s children will probably still be here providing that unheralded backbone after America wins the day (and becomes complacent again); and will once again be that voice in the wilderness vilified for loyalty to an archaic Constitution; vilified for believing and insisting the Judeo-Christian ethic is about eternal laws that are the rock upon which our founding laws, culture, and philosophy rest; vilified for ‘paranoia’ about a communist behind every tree (when really, we all know it is about power-hungry men gravitating to the portals of power — something that has always been, is now, and always will be part of the nature of men and power); vilified for being so parochial as to oppose American involvement in that Trojan Horse in Manhattan: the United Nations; vilified, that is, for being everything that an American once was and ever ought to be.

Finally, if you are one of these people who have always been there, or even if you are one who has ever so recently been stirred to fight the good fight along with them, pat yourself on the back. But better yet, get down on your knees and thank God. Thank Him for His influence in founding this great nation and writing its Constitution. Thank Him for those men He raised up unto that very purpose. Thank Him for all who have sustained it ever since. Then get off your knees, get back to work, do it well, and resolve to see it through; because here’s a hunch: the Author of Liberty sent you and me here for that very purpose, and the battle never ends.

Steve Far­rell is one of the orig­i­nal pun­dits at Sil­ver Eddy Award Win­ner, (1999–2008), asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal econ­omy at George Wythe Uni­ver­sity, the author of the highly praised inspi­ra­tional novel “Dark Rose,” and edi­tor in chief of The Moral Liberal.

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