Monday, 02 August 2010

I Demur

Written by  Steve Farrell

Emily Dickinson spoke to her time as well as ours when she penned this penetrating line:

Assent — and you are sane —
Demur — you’re straightway dangerous
And handled with a chain.

I wonder, this day, can the State of Arizona and its good people relate to the treatment Dickinson predicted? I’m sure they can. Have they not been depicted as “insane” and “straightway dangerous” for weeks on end? Indeed, they have. And are they not literally being “handled with a chain” this very hour? Is there any doubt?

But why? Because Arizona as one rose up and essentially said, ‘We refuse to continue to assent to a long train of willful neglect by Washington elites (in both parties) who have spit on existing federal immigration law; and this too, spit on the rights of Arizonans and every American by looking the other way as millions of illegal immigrants from one of the most corrupt nations on earth have invaded and done their worst: raped, robbed, murdered, addicted, or otherwise exploited loyal Arizonans … and then handed us the bill as if this was some sort of entitlement.’

Why should any sane and true Arizonans or any sane and true American assent to that?  Which begs the question, who is really the “insane” and “straightway dangerous” party here?

I suggest the following answer: The cabal in DC, and any who by their voice, their silence, their trembling cowardice, or their party loyalty continue to assent to this Administration’s agenda of “change.”

Personally, and let me put this on the record for all the world to see: “I Demur!”

Steve Far­rell is one of the orig­i­nal pun­dits at Sil­ver Eddy Award Win­ner, (1999–2008), asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal econ­omy at George Wythe Uni­ver­sity, the author of the highly praised inspi­ra­tional novel “Dark Rose,” and edi­tor in chief of The Moral Liberal.

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