Equality, diversity, democracy — this is the holy trinity of the post-Christian secular state at whose altars Liberal Man worships. But the congregation worshiping these gods is shrinking.

In the quest for a better tax code, it shouldn't be difficult to agree that a tax deduction that mostly benefits rich people and subsidizes high-tax state and local governments must go. That's what the state and local tax, or SALT, deduction does.

Some politicians argue that the rich must pay their fair share and label the proposed changes in tax law as tax cuts for the rich. Let's look at who pays what, with an eye toward attempting to answer this question: Are the rich paying their fair share?

With his declaration that the Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest, President Donald Trump may have put us on the road to war with Iran.

President Trump has been notoriously inconsistent in his foreign policy. He campaigned on and won the presidency with promises to repair relations with Russia, pull out of no-win wars like Afghanistan, and end the failed US policy of nation-building overseas. Once in office he pursued policies exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on. Unfortunately Iran is one of the few areas where the president has been very consistent. And consistently wrong.

The fluctuating costs of activist quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the 49ers and NFL were never cheap, starting with his $126 million seven-year contract signed in 2014, an average of $18 million per season, and ending with the current plunge in NFL ratings.

It doesn’t matter what weapon or accessory is outlawed today because there’ll be another opportunity, and target, after the next high-profile gun crime tomorrow.

To never-Trumpers this is pure blasphemy. Yet the similarities are there.

The slaughter in Las Vegas has been labeled the “worst” mass murder in our nation’s last century. But in the United States alone, Planned Parenthood snuffed out the life of 887 yet-to-be-born infants every day.

Good tax reform should be about enhancing competitiveness, which requires a low-rate and real territorial system.

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