If you don’t want to work, the good news is that a new study by the Cato Institute, “The Work Versus Welfare Trade-Off, 2013,” shows that welfare currently pays more than the minimum wage in 35 states in the United States, even figuring in the Earned Income Tax Credit that subsidizes low-income workers.

Naming names that the media will not bring to our attention, this author highlights not only the extent the black-on-white violence occurs, but the extent that it is ignored by both the press and Republicans.

Whether or not Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, President Obama has no legitimate grounds to intervene.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was no "conservative," as many Republican commentators now claim. He was indeed a man of the hard Left.

Walter E. WilliamsThis week begins my 34th year serving on George Mason University's distinguished economics faculty. You might imagine my surprise when I received a letter from its Office of Equity and Diversity Services notifying me that I was required to "complete the in-person Equal Opportunity and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures training."

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