There may be something to the claim that all people want to be free. But it is a demonstrable fact that freedom has been under attack, usually successfully, for thousands of years.

Noting that cheating, fraud, lying, stealing, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and extra-marital affairs are apparently rampant in today’s military, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wants to appoint an "ethics czar." But is this just a case of people getting the military they deserve?

Chalk up another victory for the gay and lesbian lobby. They managed to stir up so much of a ruckus that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a measure the State Legislature passed to safeguard the religious liberty of its citizens.

Now that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed her state’s Religious Freedom Restoration bill, which would have allowed religious business owners who find homosexual “marriage” to be morally repugnant to opt out of personally participating in any such event, let’s review some of the high points of what happened.

The GOP’s handling of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 1062) was a good illustration of conservatism’s fatal flaw.

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