There has been much analysis of the Virginia governor’s race in which Terry McAuliffe edged out Ken Cuccinelli by two points. But the truth? The Virginia race bodes well for the Tea Party in 2014.

Walter E. WilliamsLast week's column, "Is There a Way Out?", generated quite a few responses, some a bit angry. Some people were offended by my reference to Social Security and Medicare as entitlements or handouts. They said that they worked for 45 years and paid into Social Security and Medicare and how dare I refer to the money they now receive as an entitlement. These people have been duped by Congress and shouldn't be held totally accountable for such a belief. Let's examine the plethora of congressional Social Security lies. I'll leave the Medicare lies for another column.

Fulfilling the wish of long-dead communists, American culture has become trashy enough to be fertile ground for tyranny. And the question we all have to ask ourselves is: Will we be part of the trash or one of the people taking it out? 


Like so many things that seem new, ObamaCare is in many ways old wine in new bottles.

Only in America are the ones who want to balance the budget and make raising the national debt limit unnecessary labeled “terrorists,” while those who want to raise the national credit card limit to infinity deemed reasonable.

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