The horrendous massacre at the Sandy Hook primary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 children and seven adults were brutally murdered, indicates that the evil force that turned two normal teenagers at Columbine into nihilist murderers is still very potent.


Even the talking heads on MSNBC will have a hard time blaming the coming crisis on the right. When that day comes, conservatives should be very glad that Obama won re-election.

The simple truth is that we are living through the greatest coverup of educational malpractice by professional educators this nation has ever known. And we will not be able to correct the situation until enough Americans know about it to make a difference.

There is no short supply of “conservative leaders” in Washington and the media who draw their inspiration, not from any moral conviction or passion, but from the hunger to achieve fame and fortune.

What must conservatives in "the conservative movement" do to win in the future? This is the question with which many on the Right have been grappling since Barack Obama won his reelection.

First and foremost, they must recognize that they are not conservatives. Rather, they are neoconservatives. 

The differences between conservatism and neoconservatism are fundamental.

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