I always knew the first question I wanted to ask the great Ted Williams if I ever had a chance to question the great Hall of Fame slugger. It was about a statement attributed to him when he was a raw rookie with the Boston Red Sox.


Ominously but unsurprisingly, the U.S. military’s Africa Command wants to increase its footprint in northwest Africa. What began as low-profile assistance to France’s campaign to wrest control of northern Mali (a former colony) from unwelcome jihadists could end up becoming something more.

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson (known as “Lefty” to friends and fans) backed into a buzz saw when he said he might make some “drastic changes” about where he lives, thanks to the confiscatory taxes in California.

Rubio's position on immigration is more proof that he is no different than John McCain or Lindsey Graham.

The government expects us to think that although it failed to enforce the border for years, if only it grants amnesty to millions of immigrants it will now be able to enforce the border on top of all of the other conditions it will formally attach to amnesty.  

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