New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suffered an embarrassing defeat this week when a judge ruled that his now infamous “soda ban” failed to pass legal muster, and he promised to appeal the court’s decision. He shouldn't.

Both the intellectuals' theory of genetic determinism as the reason for group differences in outcomes and their opposite theory of discrimination as the reason have created racial and ethnic polarization. So has the idea that it must be one or the other.

The fact that the new Catholic Pope undoubtedly chose as his namesake St. Francis of Assisi, who gave his life to the poor, is encouraging to media and some Catholics that he will call for "social justice" — forcibly redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor.

Once we recognize that large differences in achievement among races, nations and civilizations have been the rule, not the exception, throughout recorded history, there is at least some hope of rational thought — and perhaps even some constructive efforts to help everyone advance.

Even such a British patriot as Winston Churchill said, "We owe London to Rome" — an acknowledgement that Roman conquerors created Britain's most famous city, at a time when the ancient Britons were incapable of doing so themselves.

John McCain's and Lindsey Graham's response to Rand Paul's filibuster is at least as significant as Paul's filibuster itself.

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