Recently, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced that the president wants permanent debt-ceiling authority, even though that power is solely vested in Congress.

If such power were transferred from Congress to the White House, it would signal surrender and submission of our legislative branch, the only branch that has the power to create law under the Separation of Powers doctrine of our Constitution.

In the wake of Sandy Hook, I argue that if there is no God, then there is no morality.

Walter E. Williams

Blacks have political control of Detroit, but the relevant question is whether some control of something is better than 100 percent control of nothing. By most measures, Detroit is one of the nation's most tragic cities, and it's mostly self-imposed.

We are going "forward" to a repeatedly failed past, following a charismatic leader, after a 20th century in which charismatic leaders led countries into unprecedented catastrophes.

President Obama regularly admonishes “the rich” for not paying their “fair share” of taxes. On the other hand, Peter Schiff, an investment broker, notes that “after the tax hikes go into effect, more than half of my total income is going to the government” — and asks “What’s ‘fair’ about that?”




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