Walter E. WilliamsBlack unemployment has been double that of white Americans for more than 50 years. The black youth unemployment rate is more than 40 percent nationally. In some cities, unemployment for black working-age males is more than 50 percent. Let's look at this, but first let's look at some history.

Unfortunately, we are at a stage where the interests of race hustlers is to cry "unfair" at the tests — and they have a lot more political clout than black Tiger Moms have. So long as the rest of us are silenced by political correctness, racial progress on that front is unlikely.

Conservatism is dying because it leaders act too much like the leftists whom they are supposedly battling.

It is Bill O'Reilley's recent false allegation against opponents of gay marriage that they "do nothing but thump the Bible" that accounts for why they should be upset.

Traditionalists aren't losing the marriage battle because they lack reasoned arguments. It's because today's America lacks a reasonable media and a populace that is willing to yield to reason.

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