Unlike the first debate, Obama had clearly done his homework for the second debate Tuesday. He was primed and prepared, rattling off one assertion after another. But while what we did get from him was aggressiveness, what we didn’t get was candor.


It’s sadly the case that modern men are afraid to tell women the truth. Especially when those men are running for office and want the women’s vote. And the truth on the male-female wage gap isn't that women are given less — it's that they earn less.

Education is the orphan issue of this presidential campaign, because the subject is too complex and too volatile to be decently handled in the kind of debates that Gov. Romney and President Obama have been engaged in. There is simply not enough time to do the subject justice. Besides, both Romney and Obama believe that the federal government has a role to play in public education: Obama a lot more; Romney a little less, but not enough difference to make it a hot issue.

The reason early Americans became the most literate people on earth is because of their profound dependence on the principles and laws of the Bible as their guide for building a godly civilization in the North American wilderness.

The truth is that Candy Crowley’s meddling at the Hofstra presidential debate was as inappropriate as was her presence itself. It was much as if Angelo Dundee had been the referee for the first Ali/Frazier fight and jumped on Smokin’ Joe’s back because Ali couldn’t hack it that night. She had no business doing the job of the judges (the post-debate analysts). And it was a role that she embraced only selectively.

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