Low-income people aren’t the only ones dependent on government. Another group is even more dependent: the people of the corporate world who expect government to provide bailouts, guarantees, and contracts. Romney supported the financial bailout and, aside from talking vaguely about tax loopholes, does not question the pervasive system of government privilege for big business.

Large-scale cheating has been uncovered over the last year at some of the nation’s most competitive schools. With American students no longer being educated under Christian moral standards, is there any mystery why students in our most prestigious institutions cheat?

Although Chicago’s public school teachers are among the highest paid in the nation, they wanted more, and according to the settlement reached late Tuesday, September 18, they are getting more. Mayor Rahm Emanuel hailed the settlement as marking “a new day and a new direction” for Chicago public schools. He said it provided “higher pay for teachers and a higher standard of education for students.”

Technically speaking, Republicans do talk, but talking is definitely not their strong suit. Nor do they seem to have put a lot of thought into what they say or how they say it. The net result is that articulate Democrats can get away with the biggest lies, without any serious rebuttal from most Republicans.

In campaign speeches September 17 in the swing state of Ohio, President Obama railed against imported automotive components that are illegally subsidized by the Chinese government. 

Constitutionalists should find fault with Obama’s crusade du jour. His case against China is hypocritical, because his administration is guilty of the very thing he accuses China of (but on an even greater scale). He is after all, the president who claims he saved General Motors. Under his watch, the federal government contributed $76 billion to GM and Chrysler. Doubtless those are government subsidies, and the original total was 76 times greater than the amount Obama claims China kicked in to their automotive industry. 

Obama’s subsidization of the American auto industry — immoral, illogical, and illegal — is just one piece of the gigantic puzzle that shows his non-Americanist ways. He has Chinese-like tendencies, founded upon the preachings of the Communist Manifesto.





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