When you consider how close we’ve come to the total destruction of our constitutional system of government, one must ask if it is even possible for us to recover from this socialist cancer that has stricken our body politic and culture. The disease, long and slow in developing, has spread throughout our public education system, our universities, and many of our cultural institutions. The only effective antibodies that have risen to fight the disease — The John Birch Society, the homeschool movement, the Tea Party movement, and the rise of Christian conservatism — may not be strong enough to kill the disease. The coming election in November may very well determine whether or not this Constitutional Republic can be saved or is gone forever.

The notion that moral conduct is primarily a matter of “obeying” rules or principles alleged to be universal in scope has figured prominently throughout the modern era. The moral point of view, according to this line of thought, requires the strictest impartiality. This idea has been expressed in a variety of idioms, the most dominant of which is the doctrine of “natural” or “human rights.” Morality, from this perspective, chiefly consists in “respecting” or “protecting” peoples’ “rights.”

Thomas SowellThere have been many frauds of historic proportions — for example, the financial pyramid scheme for which Charles Ponzi was sent to prison in the 1920s, and for which Franklin D. Roosevelt was praised in the 1930s, when he called it Social Security. In our own times, Bernie Madoff's hoax has made headlines.

By all accounts, America at this time should be enjoying its greatest economic expansion and its greatest creation of wealth in its history. The spectacular advances in computer technology and invention and the discovery of enormous reserves of natural gas and shale oil should have led us by now into an unprecedented era of prosperity — with jobs begging to be filled. But we have in Washington a cabal of politicians, living in a 19th century socialist cocoon, determined to cripple this great nation and turn our potential happiness into a nightmare.

Ralph Reiland“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe,” said Dr. Steven Chu, director of the Lawrence National Laboratory, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in September 2008.

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