There’s been a lot written over the past 12 days about the death of Robert Byrd, the so-called “last lion of the Senate.” But the West Virginia senator was no lion despite all the accolades that have been heaped on him since his death. He was a pig. In fact, when it came to grabbing as much government booty as he could, the distinguished senator was the greediest pig of all.

Jack KennyWe have had “soccer moms,” “hockey moms,” “waitress moms,” and other designations for women voters candidates like to target. Now Sarah Palin, who was pleased to tell the world two years ago that hockey moms are pit bulls with lipstick, has come up with a new category of politically aroused female voters who are tough, determined, and won't go away.

Selwyn DukeAll around the realm was heard a fateful cry:

'Twill make us sleep the nightmare if ye tax the other guy.

We can accept the yoke of poor polity,

If the misery cursing all gives equality.

Play one group against another, and us all you may ream,

Too busy envying each other we ignore your wicked scheme.

'Tis the rhyme of the time, no matter tyranny be nigh;

'Twill make us sleep the nightmare if ye tax the other guy.

Tax 'em high!

A study was once conducted in which participants played a game involving the accumulation of money. It had an interesting finding: Those describing themselves as leftists were much more willing than others to give up a bit of their own cash if it meant taking more from somebody else. What motivated this? It’s called envy, and we used to call such people immoral. Now we call them "liberals."

There’s a maxim everyone’s heard, personally mouthed, and undoubtedly believes: “What goes around comes around.” Or, “the boomerang effect. Remarkably, however, although we’ve all heard, mouthed, and believed it, many arrogantly claim a personal exception from this law of God and Nature — even when it comes to some serious stuff like life and death, freedom and slavery, prosperity and poverty, happiness and misery, even heaven and hell.

Back in the 1950s there was a TV commercial designed to induce headaches in viewers in order to increase demand for the product the commercial was hawking — a pill to cure headaches, of course. The same strategy is often practiced in politics. A story in this morning's New York Times about California Congressman Darrell Issa ("Obama's Annoyer-in-Chief") mentioned that the Republican gadfly "was charged with two long-ago auto thefts before eventually making a fortune selling car alarms...."

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