Ralph ReilandWho would you guess is more likely to sue you, all other things being equal: Monet Parham-Lee or Margie Moore?

The year 2011 marks the 123rd year since the publication of Edward Bellamy’s famous utopian novel, Looking Backward, in which the author depicted a happy, socialist America in the year 2000. In Bellamy’s optimistic fantasy, greed and material want ceased to exist, brotherly harmony prevailed, the arts and sciences flourished, and an all-powerful and pervasive government and bureaucracy were efficient and fair.

Selwyn DukeIn the early days it was Pancho Villa, then it was undocumented Democrats and drug runners, and now we have the latest incursion across our southern border: The Mexican government is poised to file a lawsuit against our domestic firearms manufacturers because U.S.-made guns find their way into Mexico. Writes CBS News:

Sacred holidays celebrated by the two major Biblical religions, Passover and Easter, take place usually within days of each other in March and April. In the year 2011 they are quite close. The Jewish week-long celebration of Passover began at sundown, Tuesday, April 19th, two days after Christian Palm Sunday. Good Friday takes place on April 22nd and Easter Sunday on April 24th.

Theologically, of course, we all did. Our sins plaited the crown of thorns and jammed it on His brow, wielded the whip tearing the muscles from His back, drove the spikes impaling Him to the cross through His arms and feet. 

But humanly, legally speaking, government murdered our Savior. Rulers staged a mock trial in a kangaroo court; politicians from two factions, the conquered and the conquerors, united to murder a Man one of them openly proclaimed innocent (though mere murder didn’t satisfy them, so they tortured Him for hours with some of the most unspeakable brutality government ever devised); the State’s soldiers pounded metal through living, pulsing flesh.

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