Walter WilliamsThe white liberal's agenda, coupled with that of black race hustlers, has had and continues to have a devastating impact on ordinary black people. Perhaps the most debilitating aspect of this liberal malevolence is in the area of education.

Jack KennyIt seems strange to say it, but many of us are old enough to remember the Vietnam War. It's hard to believe you have to be old or at least well along in middle age to remember Vietnam because to those of us who are, well, old, the Vietnam War seems like yesterday. Time flies when you're waging war.

Steve FarrellAs the delegates filtered in the week and a half prior to the start of the Constitutional Convention in May of 1787, George Washington turned to Gouverneur Morris and said:

Thomas SowellWhen people learn that you are an economist, they often want you to predict which way the economy is going. There seem to be more than the usual number of calls for such predictions lately. But an economist should be more aware than others are of how hazardous such predictions can be.

Ralph ReilandMy first recommendation is very basic. Don’t cut class. As Woody Allen stated, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up.” And it’s best to show up on time. Remember the old Tibetan proverb: “Man who comes to work early and leaves late ends up with tallest stack of Sichuan rupees.”

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