For Nancy Pelosi, 78, Steny Hoyer, 79, and Joe Biden, 75, the primary results from New York's 14th congressional district are a fire bell in the night.

Created by Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve is frequently labeled a bank. But it isn’t a “bank,” isn’t “federal,” and has no “reserve” that you or any other citizen can borrow from.

In recent years, the Federal Aviation Administration has also become consumed by diversity and inclusion.

The left, to the point of irrationality, despises a triumphant Trumpian right and believes that to equate it with fascists is not only legitimate, but a sign that the accusers are the real moral, righteous and courageous dissenters in these terrible times.

The Constitution’s drafters intended the Commerce Clause to create free trade among the states, not to enable states to impose taxes and regulations on out-of-state businesses. The growth of online commerce does not change the Commerce Clause’s purpose.

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