Becky AkersSo how many cops does it take to subdue a “visibly” expectant mother? Three, in the police State of Washington — providing their trusty Tasers are handy.

Ralph ReilandObama’s big promise is that the vast majority of the U.S. population can get tons of free stuff from the government and it won’t cost them a single dime. They can just force “the rich” to fork over their money to pay for it.

Ralph ReilandNow that ObamaCare has been enacted, we definitely won't be knocking any new archways through the wall at our Pittsburgh restaurant and expanding into the empty storefront next door.

Walter WilliamsDifferent Americans have different and often intense preferences for all kinds of goods and services. Some of us have strong preferences for beer and distaste for wine while others have the opposite preference — strong preferences for wine and distaste for beer. Some of us hate three-piece suits and love blue jeans while others love three-piece suits and hate blue jeans. When's the last time you heard of beer drinkers in conflict with wine drinkers, or three-piece suit lovers in conflict with lovers of blue jeans? It seldom if ever happens because beer and blue jean lovers get what they want. Wine and three-piece suit lovers get what they want and they all can live in peace with one another.

Dennis BehreandtFor years government has been using declarations of eminent domain to seize private property and use it, supposedly, for the public good. It's a practice that has been abused, and is almost always controversial.

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