Chip WoodIs Judge Sonia Sotomayor really a secret right-winger? Wait! Before you decide I’m a stark-raving lunatic, hear me out.

One of the dirtiest campaigns ever conducted for the U.S. Senate is finally over. And to the dismay of anyone who cares about decency and decorum in “the world’s most exclusive club,” the chief mud-thrower has been declared the victor.

There is no question but that the revolutionary Left has triumphed in a way that many of us never dreamed possible. What we didn’t realize is that while our conservative principles were being undermined by misguided Republicans in the White House and Congress, the Left had lost none of its intention of imposing on America its radical socialist agenda.

No wonder politicians applaud medical Marxism, a.k.a. Obamacare: it increases their power over us. Ditto for special interests and their profits. But astoundingly, many ordinary Americans whom the system will badly hurt — figuratively and literally — also clamor for it. Learning some history might temper their enthusiasm.

You’d think the central planners at the White House would go outside their small group of relatives for some top-notch expertise when they’re trying to revamp something as big and complex as one-sixth of the American economy. When Bill Clinton sought to radically overhaul American healthcare, he made the mistake of putting Hillary in charge.

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