Becky AkersAnyone who loves liberty must have relished the criticism Memorial Day earned this year. Whether at the mainstream Los Angeles Times or alternative websites, Americans increasingly condemn the holiday’s glorification of war as they reject the Empire’s preposterous claim that its aggression defends our freedom.

Watch and listen to enough TV news shows and you develop a growing awareness and appreciation for the dangers of pasta. No, I'm not talking about danger to the heart, or an elevated cholesterol level or even an expanded waistline. I mean pasta is regarded in some quarters as a weapon for terrorists.

Jack KennyThe good news for tradition-minded sports fans is that Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig has indicated he is not going to overrule the call by umpire Jim Joyce that cost Detroit pitcher Armando Gallaraga a perfect game Wednesday night. Calls for just such a fiat have come from an undetermined number of baseball fans, a category that may or may not include Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Rep. John Dingell, both of Michigan. Stabenow has called for an executive override of the umpire in the field and Dingell said he would introduce a resolution in the House of Representatives calling for the same. Perhaps that is their idea of constituent service. Or maybe there's a shortage of problems confronting the Congress of the United States.

Ralph ReilandSea Isle, N.J. — We’re sitting here on our beach chairs looking for tar balls. So far, everything's pristine. The gulls are still white, not yet looking like crows.

Steve FarrellIn response to the question, “What is to be done?” Or more to the point, ‘What is to be done to save the Republic from the grasp of the Establishment and its drive toward domestic and international socialism?’ Barry Goldwater, in his 1994 book, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” advised:

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