Now that the Obama Healthcare Reform Bill has been posted on the Internet, anyone can read it. It is over one thousand pages long, and its complexity defies any easy understanding. A healthcare system so devilishly complex, run by the same government that owns and operates the public schools, the Post Office, Amtrak, and other notoriously inefficient public enterprises, is guaranteed to be a disaster for the American people.

Despite politicians’ best efforts, a bit of truth occasionally creeps into the public discourse. So it was with former president George Bush and his linking the War on Terror with the government’s one on drugs. These internecine struggles do indeed have much in common: both feature the Feds fighting, wounding and killing the American people. Sure, Mexican drug dealers and members of Al-Qaeda sometimes find themselves in the line of fire, but on the whole, America’s rulers wage war against the taxpayers footing their bills.

As the recession continues to advance, many Americans have been hoping and praying that the Obama Administration and Congress can make things — good things — happen in our economy.

One of the police supervisors in the Cambridge Police/Crosby/Gates press conference suggested that Obama, himself, may be unwilling to accept our post-racial America. That speaker hit upon something extremely important and highlighted yet another illogical and dangerous spoke in the whirling wheel of Obama policies and methods.

Ralph Reiland"This isn't about me," President Barack Obama asserted recently, maintaining that his manic push for a vote on healthcare reform is all about us.

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