Trump’s opponents on both sides of the Congressional aisle don’t seem so enthusiastic about challenging the president when he actually does abuse his Constitutional authority to pursue a more aggressive policy overseas.

Judges take an oath to uphold the Constitution. They do not take an oath to uphold other judges.

For the left, Trump’s fate is decided. The only lingering question is whether proceeding with impeachment now is premature for the progressives’ cause in 2020.

President Trump has stated repeatedly that he doesn’t want war. But if the United States is not going to start, or get suckered into, a shooting war with any other nation, why is John Bolton U.S. national security adviser?

Have the nationalists of Europe caught the wave of the future? Or will the future see the revival of the idea of One Europe, a political and economic union that inspired the dreamers of yesteryear? From here it looks like Matteo, not Macron.

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