In America today, taking a stand for traditional values invites recriminations, even silencing. Progressives enjoy challenging past values, and they are winning many battles. Ask David and Jason Benham about what’s happening on college campuses and be prepared for bad news.

Some George Mason University students and faculty have become triggered after the university’s Antonin Scalia Law School hired Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh to co-teach a course this summer called Creation of the Constitution.

The controversy about whether the 2020 census should ask respondents if they are “a citizen of the United States” has generated a considerable amount of heat.

It is difficult to see how those Democrats and their media allies, who have invested so much prestige and so many hopes in the Mueller report, can now pack it in and concede that they were wrong.

Does Trump really want to go into 2020 as a war party president? Does he want to go into 2020 with Democrats denouncing “Trump's endless wars” in the Middle East? Because that is where he is headed.

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