Are we more divided than we have ever been? Are our politics more poisoned? Are we living in what Charles Dickens called "the worst of times" in America? Is today worse than 1968?

President Trump recently called the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes crazy. Leaving aside President Trump’s specific complaint, which is likely motivated by the belief that low rates will help him win reelection, he is right that “crazy” is a good way to describe the Federal Reserve.

Beltway residents did not need to look far to learn who inspired and motivated the would-be mass-murderer of our liberal elite. In a front-page story headlined, "Subjects of Trump's ire in bomb-maker's sights," The Washington Post identified the suspect.

Simplification of the tax code was one of the objectives of tax reform. Yet many special provisions and exemptions remain. Among them is the tax credit that comes with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The Trump administration’s proposal to define “sex” under Title IX as pertaining to the biological reality of being male or female has evoked hisses as “trans” people vow that they #WontBeErased.

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