Part 2 of the movie trilogy of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged is, by turns, eerie, chilling, disappointing, and affirming. With twice the budget of Part 1, Atlas Shrugged Part 2 is broader in scope and adheres more closely to the original book. It also has a new cast. Many had high expectations. In some respects it succeeded; in others it didn't.

Kevin James is his usual lovable self in his latest family-friendly film, Here Comes the Boom, which he co-wrote and co-produced. Playing a teacher who loves his school so much that he is actually willing to put his own physical health on the line, James proves that there are no boundaries in his efforts to be entertaining.

The funny thing about the Labor Department’s monthly unemployment report is that the number-crunching bureaucrats act like they’re delivering high-carat diamonds when the real worth of what they’re reporting is closer to the value of a mud pie. Consider: A college graduate with a degree in biomedical engineering who gets a $90,000 job in his field is counted exactly the same in the government’s unemployment report as a biomedical engineering graduate who can’t find a job and is working weekends as a bus boy at Applebee’s.

Consider Joe Biden's behavior at the vice-presidential debate. If his grasp of human nature is so poor that he didn't know obnoxiousness was obnoxiousness and how it would play in Peoria, will he be able to project the right image to Muslim jihadists, the Chinese, and Russians and read their intentions? And, in light of this, is it any wonder that his bird-of-a-feather boss projected weakness by bowing to potentates and pathologically apologizing for America?

D. A. Carson’s new book, The Intolerance of Tolerance, is an exceptional work that stands out as having an enduring significance for understanding the roots of the current intolerant demands for tolerance. It offers readers an opportunity to comprehend the origins of the self-contradictory credo which is attacking the heart of Western culture.

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