In writing my book NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, first published in 1984 — 28 years ago — I read every issue of the NEA Journal and thus was able to chronicle the National Education Association’s support for world government from their own writings. The NEA began to promote that utopian idea as early as December 1942 when its Journal published an editorial entitled “The United Peoples of the World.” In it, the editor announced the NEA’s support of world government. He quoted Tennyson’s “Locksley Hall" with its reference to the “Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World.”

A Christian radio host reveals the effects of secular culture on the church, and warns that unless Christians wake up and take action, American Christianity may not survive.

Trouble with the CurveThough Clint Eastwood’s performance at this year’s Republican National Committee was deemed questionable, his performance in his latest film, Trouble with the Curve, is not. Playing a baseball scout who is nearing the end of his career, Eastwood is rather convincing as a father who is interested in mending the broken relationship with his daughter. Trouble with the Curve is a wonderful story of redemption with an emphasis on a number of Christian values.

It is difficult to say what precisely is the purpose of Last Ounce of Courage, the patriotic- and Christian-themed film that opened in mid-September around the nation. 

College professors correctly lament students' disinterest in the liberal arts, but the professors, most of who are leftists, incorrectly point the finger of blame at the political Right.

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