This is the piece that will never be published. Haven’t you heard? The world’s going to end on December 21.

End-of-the-world hysteria is rather interesting. The Argentine government has restricted access to a mountain over a mass “spiritual suicide” threat associated with it, and the Chinese regime has responded to a doomsday cult by staying true to form: It arrested people. And all this based upon an interpretation of the Mayan calendar that predicts a Winter Solstice apocalypse.

It has been said that to identify a liar, look for contradiction, because it’s hard keeping lies straight.

It’s no revelation that leftists would like to effect gun confiscation (except for themselves and their bodyguards, of course), but they generally maintain plausible deniability so that the world’s Dirty Harry Reids can convince the flyover-country bitter clingers that they believe in the Second Amendment. And they certainly do — the way the Devil believes in God. Nonetheless, leftists sometimes tip their hand, and such is the case with a recent New York Post editorial.

When a state passes a right-to-work law, as Michigan did this month, employers in that state can no longer agree to require workers to pay union fees as a condition of employment. Supporters of right-to-work see it as a way to protect workers from being forced to support unions against their will.

Recently, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced that the president wants permanent debt-ceiling authority, even though that power is solely vested in Congress.

If such power were transferred from Congress to the White House, it would signal surrender and submission of our legislative branch, the only branch that has the power to create law under the Separation of Powers doctrine of our Constitution.

In the wake of Sandy Hook, I argue that if there is no God, then there is no morality.

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