It’s comforting to talk about Romney’s or the GOP’s faults, which are easy enough to find, and believe our problems lie in our wanting political stars, not ourselves. “Why, all we need is the right candidate — a true conservative! We need bold leadership in the GOP.” Or it could be, “We need a vibrant third party.” It’s a nice dream. But “Where are all the leaders?” is the wrong question; it should be, “Where are all the followers?”

While image isn’t really everything, it certainly appears so when it’s all people are allowed to see. Here are 10 individuals who have Dr. Jekyll images that obscure a Mr. Hyde reality.

Ultimately, it is investors who guarantee other people's incomes in a market economy, even though the investors' own incomes are by no means guaranteed. Reducing investors' incentives to take risks is reducing the jobs their investments are likely to create.

Is paleolibertarianism virtually dead? John Derbyshire seems to think so. In this piece, I turn to Ilana Mercer — Derbyshire's old friend — to show that it is not.

Unless the Democrats and Republicans in Congress can reach an agreement on an extension, many temporary tax-cut provisions will expire at the end of this year.

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