“Interpretation” has paved the way for our nation’s high courts and legislative bodies to approve abortion, same-sex “marriage,” ObamaCare, and other clearly unconstitutional outrages.

Beginning his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, President Trump declared that U.S. relations with Russia have "never been worse." He then added pointedly, that just changed "about four hours ago."

We should be very suspicious of these new indictments. Mueller knows he will never have to defend his assertions in a court of law so he can make any allegation he wants.

During a recent forum held at the New York City headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR member Richard Stengel proudly insisted that governments must direct “propaganda” at their own populations.

Of President Donald Trump's explosion at Angela Merkel's Germany during the NATO summit, it needs to be said: It is long past time we raised our voices.

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