The root of the current crisis is neither political nor economic but philosophical. Too many have bought into the lie that government can protect us from life’s misfortunes and stamp out evil around the world without endangering our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity. Convincing a critical mass of people to reject big government is key to our success.

Has President Donald Trump outsourced foreign policy to the generals? So it would seem.

Many Republicans, led by Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah, have expressed their desire to repeal FATCA. Indeed, Paul will be testifying alongside some of the victims of the law and may persuade his colleagues to end this Obama-era abuse.

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump frequently employed the word “obsolete” to describe NATO. But NATO has never been “obsolete.” It has greatly aided its UN sponsor in the gobbling up of more aspects of national sovereignty.

Each year, Earth Day is accompanied by predictions of doom. Let's take a look at past predictions to determine just how much confidence we can have in today's environmentalists' predictions.

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