Today’s true tragedy is that most people think what we see today has always been so. As such, today’s Americans accept behavior that our parents and grandparents never would have accepted.

Trump is driving a wedge right through the Democratic Party, between its moderate and militant wings.

Let’s go back to 2002 and look at what one highly credentialed person was saying as our country was preparing to wage war against Iraq. We do so because some high officials of the U.S. government seem determined to launch another conflict, this time with Iran.

In terms of language, culture, ethnicity, history, geography, America has no more natural ally across the sea than Great Britain. The unfortunate circumstances of Sir Kim’s departure do not cancel out that American interest.

I am afraid that too many of my fellow Americans are hostile to the principles of liberty. Most people want liberty for themselves. I differ. I want liberty for me and liberty for my fellow man.

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