After Joe Biden got practically every detail wrong recounting a story about a military hero, Donna Brazile insisted that the presidential contender is a “genuine” as well as a “heartfelt” supporter of military personnel. That, of course, wasn’t the issue.

Relocating to California was once the goal of many Americans. But in recent years, the luster of living in the “Golden State” has dimmed considerably.

Does the Joe Biden of the summer of 2019 look like he could be, a decade from now, the dynamic leader America could rely on to face down the successors to China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin?

There is significant bias among criminologists. The reason for that bias is that political leanings of academic criminologists are liberal.

Revelation Media’s new animated film The Pilgrim’s Progress is the latest depiction of John Bunyan’s classic work. First published in 1678, the book is an allegory of Christian life, and the film is a delightful, and slightly modernized, depiction of that book. 

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