Hell hath no fury like that of a father scorned! At least that is one premise of Mel Gibson’s newest movie Edge of Darkness. When Thomas Craven’s daughter (Bojana Novakovic) is murdered on the front steps of his home, Craven (Mel Gibson) is thrust into a world of government collusion, secrecy, and deceit.

Is there anyone out there who thinks Barack Obama hasn’t been on TV enough, hasn’t been on enough magazine covers, or hasn’t done enough soft ball interviews?

Dan Woolley's story of survival in Haiti after the earthquake there caused his hotel to collapse around him is one of what are certain to be hundreds if not thousands of such stories that will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. But, there is something unusual about Woolley's story, something that makes it noteworthy. Specifically, his use of technology to survive.

The philosophy of Multiculturalism has been around since the 1970s and it now infects every aspect of American life. Its latest nefarious manifestation is in airport security, where the notion that all ethnic groups are of equal value has made ethnic profiling a no-no. Just because all of the suicide bombers have been Islamic jihadists does not mean that young Moslem men should be singled out for greater scrutiny than anyone else.

Politics, like war and other large and destructive enterprises, is full of unintended consequences and, often, unintended humor. So is journalism, most notably headline writing. The typical headline regarding the President's State of the Union Address as it drew near was: "Obama to refocus on economy, jobs." It is a good headline, but a poor reflection of reality.

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