The new Civil War film Gods and Generals accurately depicts the true causes of that tragic conflict, and the Christian faith and nobility of those who fought.

The September 11 terrorist attacks required extensive planning. Our intelligence services knew enough to have responded better.

Global Gun GrabIn Global Gun Grab: The United Nations Campaign to Disarm Americans, William Norman Grigg exposes the UN's worldwide campaign to eliminate civilian ownership of firearms and explains the dangers facing Americans.

People should understand the lethal danger of allowing themselves to be disarmed and therefore at the mercy of the lawless — whether the criminals are thugs prowling the streets or despots haunting the halls of government.

This understanding came to me at great personal cost, and I hope that good people across our nation can learn this lesson in a less painful way.

The holiday commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. should be repealed because he was an immoral man with clear links to Communists.

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