In a ruling issued in June, Niagara County (New York) Judge Sara Sheldon Sperrazza concluded that the Niagara Falls Police Department was justified in its use of a Taser to extract DNA from a suspect and that doing so was not unconstitutional. It is believed to be the first ruling of its kind in the United States, one that could set an ugly precedent for the continued pillaging of the Fourth Amendment, which has seen some very dark days since September 11, 2001.

Movie Review - BrunoIf art imitates life, then life is starting to seem an awful lot like death. This occurs to me when I think about Bruno, the latest film disgorged by English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Movie - Killing GirlsSad though it is, man has seldom had much trouble killing his youngest fellows. If the ancient Spartans perceived any imperfection in a child, for instance, they would “expose” him, which amounted to leaving the child somewhere, perhaps a hillside, to die.

Dred Scott's Revenge (book review)Judge Andrew P. Napolitano is the host of the Fox News online show Freedom Watch (which might soon be televised) and also is a co-host of the Fox News Radio show Brian and the Judge. Napolitano has a diverse group of followers made up of traditional conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists.

Depression, War, and the Cold WarWith all eyes on the precarious global economy, 20th-century economic history has never been more relevant. Interpretations of the defining economic episode of the last century — the Great Depression — are plentiful (and often contradictory), but the economic history of the balance of the century, especially the 40-year period known as the Cold War, has not been the subject of very much serious scholarship. 

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